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Douglas MacArthur commanded troops in the Korean War and opposed President Truman's Korean war strategy.

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Did dixiecrats support Truman?

No, opposed Trumans civil rights programs

Who commanded troops in the Korean war and opposed president Truman's was strategy?

General MacArthur Comander in Chief US Army Far East Comand, he wrote a letter to a congressman that rediculled Truman's policy so Truman fired him.

Who commanded troops in the Korean War and opposed President Truman's war strategy?

The American five-star General of the Army, Douglas MacArthur, commanded the United Nations forces during the Korean War. MacArthur was sacked and relieved of duty in a controversial move by the Truman Administration. MacArthur actions and potential intentions in escalating the War into the People's Republic of China were seen as threatening civilian control of the military.

Which President opposed the Mexican-American War?

John Quincy Adam opposed the war as a former President. Abraham Lincoln opposed the war as a future President.

What did general Douglas MacArthur and president Harry Truman disagree about?

The disagreement between General MacArthur and President Truman concerned the Korean War. MacArthur wished to expand the war by invading China, but Truman was opposed to that strategy.

What was President Andrew Jackson opposed to?

US President Andrew Jackson was the 7th US president. He was opposed to a national US bank, and he was opposed to having the US Federal government in debt.

What is a sentence with the word opposed in it?

I am opposed to, and will not vote for any president.

Reasons the framers opposed choosing a president by using popular vote?

The Framers opposed choosing a President by popular vote because they felt that such a process would lead to "tumult and disorder." They also opposed choosing a President by Congress because it would put the President "too much under the legislative thumb."

What presidents opposed the central bank?

Eight Presidents of the United States opposed the Central Bank also called the Federal Reserve. They were: President John F. Kennedy, President Harry Truman, President McKinley, President Roosevelt, President Johnson, and President John Quincy Adams .

Who Opposed Lincoln in election for senate and president?

Stephen Douglas was the democrat that opposed republican Abraham Lincoln.

Who opposed the '' Tariff of Abominations''?

Vice-President John C. Calhoun strongly opposed the tariff

Who opposed Hamilton's economic plan?

President Andrew Jackson.

Which of these did not approve trumans plan to end racial discrimination?

President Truman's efforts to end racial discrimination met with an obstinate Congress. Congress had a Republican majority that sought to block much of his legislation. The Democrats, on the other hand were split. Some felt Truman was committing political suicide bringing up the topic, and the southern Democrats opposed it because they were segregationists.

Who was Themistocles and who did he lead in the Persian Wars?

He was a prominent leader in Athens, and commanded the Athenian fleet which formed part of the Greek fleet which opposed the Persian invasion.

The financial institution opposed by jackson?

The financial institution opposed by President Jackson was the second Bank of the United States known as BUS.

Who opposed the annexation of Hawaii?

The Hawaiian Patriotic league opposed the annexation of Hawaii. President William McKinley proposed and favored the annexation of Hawaii.

What party was the president in from 1805 to 1809?

The President in those years was the Democratic-Republicans of Jefferson, Madison and Monroe which opposed the Federalists.

Does the President notify Congress of his resignation?

As opposed to just not showing up for work?

What was president Taft's stance on socialism?

Taft was a conservative Republican who was opposed to socialism.

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