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The same people who started the whole Holocaust thing.

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Q: Who committed the crimes against the victims of the Holocaust?
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What are the crimes committed by Nazi party against human?

Genocide. Famously known as the Holocaust

The courts basically decide cases involving crimes against who?

Crime committed against "the state." Individuals (who are victims or complainants) appear in court to testify as to the facts of the crimes committed against them, but the the crime is prosecuted as if it were a crime against all citizens of the state.

What crimes carry the most severe penalties?

Crimes resulting in death of the victims. Sex crimes (particularly committed against children). Crimes of moral turpitude (especially involving brutally severe assaults).

What are the major crimes committed against people?

I think that the major crimes committed against people is murder.

How do victims of hate crimes contribute to the violence against them?

They don't.

What crimes did Hitler comit?

He committed crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide.

What Has been described as on of the most atrocious crimes against humanity?


What crimes did Hitler commit against the Jewish race?

He committed crimes against humanity and genocide against the Jewish people.

What has the author Jane Alpert written?

Jane Alpert has written: 'Deaf People in the Holocaust' 'Strategies for ending violence against women' -- subject(s): Crimes against, Victims of family violence, Women

What was one of the crimes judged at the Nuremberg Trials?

The crimes tried were "Crimes against Humanity" because there was no other way to try the Nazi leaders for the Holocaust.

What were the victims of the Nuremberg Trials?

Nazi leaders accused of crimes against humanity

Common crimes committed against life?

Murder and manslaughter are crimes committed against life. They involve the taking of human life. Crimes against life can also include crimes that endanger someone's health. This includes knowingly dumping toxic chemicals, or committing intentional malpractice.

Your legal system regards crimes as offenses not just against individual victims but against society as a whole?


What were peoples experiences in the Holocaust?

within the Holocaust there were so many roles; from those who perpetrated the crimes, to those who shut thier eyes and those who facilitaed others to commit the crimes and of course there were the victims. The range of experiences is too great to condense here.

What was the German city were Nazis were put on trial for war crimes?

Nuremburg there were trials in many cities. Whereas in Nuremberg the trials were about war crimes and crimes against peace, the Franfurt trials were about the Holocaust and crimes against humanity.

How can Ultranatiolism lead to crimes against humanity?

Nazi Party + Hitler + eugenics = Holocaust

Is there a minimum sentence for simple battery of a person age 65 and older?

Most (all?) states have enhanced penalties for crimes committed against the elderly. Crimes against the elderly are viewed sort of like crimes committed against children.

Was the Holocaust addressed by the Nuremberg trials?

In the eyes of the Nuremberg Tribunal the most serious charge of all was unleashing World War 2 ('Crimes against peace'). Committing the Holocaust came under the charge of 'crimes against humanity'.

What are examples of crimes against property?

Larceny - auto theft - embezzlement - etc. The list could go on endlessly. Crimes against property are exactly THAT, crimes against PROPERTY. This is different from Crimes Against Persons. Crimes against persons are ones in which individual(s) are victims and are put in PERSONAL PERIL. Such crimes could include, Robbery - rape - assault - domestic violence - etc.- etc.

What is the purpose of Night Elie Wiesel?

So people would not forget the crimes committed during the Holocaust

What are some common external crimes committed against businesses?

Among the more common external crimes committed against a business are burglary, robbery, shoplifting, and walk-in office/factory thefts.

What were crimes against humanity?

Crimes against humanity are certain acts which are committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population. The first prosecution for crimes against humanity took place at the Nuremberg Trials.

Do people reports crimes?

Yes, that is how the majority of crimes are reported. Either by the individuals against whom the crimes were committed, or un-involved witnesses.

Why did the allies put Nazi leaders on trial after the war?

because they were convicted of crimes against humanity in the Holocaust

What has the author Elizabeth Bruch written?

Elizabeth Bruch has written: 'Another violence against women' -- subject(s): Violent crimes, Victims of crimes, Women's rights, Abused women, Social justice, Crimes against, Women