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The North controlled most of the railroads during the Civil War.

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Q: Who controlled most of the railroads during the civil war?
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Who controlled most of the nation's wealth during the Civil War?

The Union. The Union had all the railroads, factories, a government all ready in power, more people, and troops in place.

Did blacks work on southern railroads during the civil war?

Yes. Slave gangs did most of the laying of track in the South.

Where were most railroads located during civil wars?

They were located mostly in the North East area, but they were expanding towards the West more. Having all of the railroads in the North actually gave the North an advantage during the Civil War in order to travel good, and was another reason for the victory of the North.

Where were most cities railroads and roads rebuilt after the civil war?


What was the most important way of transportation at the end of the Civil War?

Railroads, I believe.

How did most soldiers travel during the US Civil War?

During the US Civil War, both sides utilized railroads, waterways, ocean vessels, wagons and marching to travel to their designated positions. This could be to reach a battle, retreat, or to reposition themselves to safe areas to rest.

Where did most railroads serve before the civil war?

The North - a big tactical advantage when it came to troop movement.

What European country controlled the most land in Africa?

During the Age of Imperialism, the French controlled the most land.

During the Gilded Age most of the railroad barons?

built their railroads with government assistance

Which european power controlled most of northwest africa during the colonial era?

Most of northwest Africa was controlled by France and Spain during the colonial era

Which factor contributed most directly to the settlement and development of the Great Plains after the Civil War?

the construction of railroads west of the Mississippi because railroads connected eastern markets to western farms.

Where did most of the fighting occur during the civil war?

Most of the fighting during the civil war was in the Confederate States. Especially in Virginia.

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