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Medicare is administered by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, also known as CMS.

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Q: Who controls Medicare?
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Is Medicare an HMO?

No, Medicare is a Fee For Service Program, but doctors must contract with Medicare to treat Medicare patients

Where do you report Medicare fraud?

If you suspect Medicare fraud contact Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE or visit their website at

How can you not pay Medicare?

If by "pay Medicare" you mean the Medicare payroll tax, the only way to avoid this is to work at a job that is not covered by Medicare. There aren't very many of these. If you're referring to Medicare premiums, the law does not require anyone to enroll in Medicare.

How do you obtain a Medicare number?

The patient obtains a Medicare number by being Medicare eligible. The provider obtains the Medicare number from the patient.

Do you have to have Medicare Part B if you have a medicare supplemental plan?

Yes; by definition, Medicare supplemental insurance "supplements" Medicare A & B.

What is the letter following a Medicare number for?

The letter following a Medicare number is the Medicare claim identification.

Can a Medicare patient elect not to use Medicare?

if you are enrolled in it no, you can decline to enroll on medicare

What does Chevy Trailblazer Medicare offer their clients?

TrailBlazer Medicare is the same to many different Medicare. TrailBlazer Medicare is offering some healthcare with good policies for their customers using the TrailBlazer Medicare.

I am on sosial security medicare,where do i find glasses that take medicare ?

Are glasses covered by medicare?

The Medicare is administered by which agency?

Medicare is administered by the US Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services.

How does a person get reimbursed by Medicare if they buy an item that is covered by Medicare but bought by the individual?

You will need to contact Medicare and submit the claim directly to Medicare yourself.

What is Medicare Allowable?

"Medicare Allowable" charges: Providers who participate with Medicare agree to accept the Medicare allowable charge as full payment. Bear in mind that because Medicare is an 80/20 plan, the patient is still responsible for the 20 percent of the allowable charges not paid by Medicare. * For example: You have chemotherapy in your physician's office and Medicare is billed $500.00 for the service. The Medicare allowable or assignment for your chemotherapy treatment is $300.00. Your physician is paid 80 percent of $300.00 or $240.00. You are responsible for only the $60.00 not paid by Medicare but considered allowable under Medicare UCR fee schedule. This is because participating Medicare providers may not bill the patient for the balance amounts above the Medicare allowable fee schedule (known as "balance billing"). It is important to verify that your provider "Accepts Medicare Assignment" or is a "Medicare Provider" to avoid unexpected and potentially large out-of-pocket expenses.

Will mayo accept Medicare and supplement?

If a provider accepts Medicare they have to accept a standardized supplement. They may not accept a Medicare Advantage or a Medicare Supplement Select plan.

What is the business area of the company Medicare Billing?

Medicare is a government subsidized medical insurance program. There is no company called "Medicare Billing". Medicare billing information, however, can be found on the United States Government Medicare website.

How much cheaper is Medicare Advantage compared to Medicare?

It depends on the person and the treatment that will be sought, but in general Medicare Advantage does come out to be slightly cheaper than traditional Medicare. One must keep in mind that Medicare covers some non-medicine plans not covered by Medicare Advantage.

Can you buy Medicare supplemental insurance if you have Medicare carve out coverage?

Please explain your question more thoroughly if my answer does not suffice. I am unsure of what you mean by Medicare Carve Out Coverage. You can buy a Medicare Supplement at any time once you have received your Medicare Part A and Part B. If you do not enroll within 6 months of your Part B effective date you would be subject to underwriting. You can not join a Medicare Supplement if you already have a Medicare Advantage Plan as this is not allowed by Centers for Medicare. You would be required to drop your Medicare Advantage Plan prior to the Medicare Supplement effective date. If you had coverage through an employer, you would not need Medicare Supplement coverage as your employer coverage would be primary and then Medicare would be secondary for your out-of-pocket costs covered by Medicare.

What is the Phone Number for Medicare?

Medicare BenefitsType Benefits External 800-MEDICARE (800-633-4227) TollFree 800-MEDICARE (800-633-4227) Medicare ClaimsType Claims/EOBs External 800-999-1118 TollFree 800-999-1118 Medicare BenefitsType Benefits External 800-MEDICARE (800-633-4227) TollFree 800-MEDICARE (800-633-4227) Medicare ClaimsType Claims/EOBs External 800-999-1118 TollFree 800-999-1118

What is the constellation Medicare plan?

Constellation Health Medicare Advantage is a Medicare Plan Part C provider. It is a private company that works in addition to Medicare Parts A and B. The person still continues to receive Medicare. The Constellation plan kicks in to cover expenses that are not covered by Medicare parts A and B.

Who does the paperwork for Medicare and are usually insurance companies that have bid for a contract with CMS to handle the Medicare programs for a specific area?

The MAC's (Medicare Administrative Contractors) do the paperwork for Medicare.

How do you apply for Aetna Medicare?

You may go to the Aetna Medicare site to apply for medicare. There are multiple forms you need to fill out to obtain the specific type of medicare you need.

Does the centers for Medicare and medicaid oversee the Medicare program?

Yes, CMS oversees all Medicare programs

What is Cost increase for part a Medicare for 2010?

if you have medicare for 2009 its 96.40, if you are new to medicare in 2010 its 110.50

Is medicare the nations largest insurance company?

No,, Medicare is not an insurance company. Medicare is a government program.

Medicare Part C?

Medicare Advantage Plans are health plan options (like an HMO or PPO) approved by Medicare and offered by private companies. These plans are part of Medicare and are sometimes called "Part C" or "MA Plans." Medicare pays a fixed amount for your care every month to the companies offering Medicare Advantage Plans. These companies must follow rules set by Medicare. Medicare Advantage Plans provide your Medicare health coverage and usually Medicare drug coverage. They aren't supplemental insurance. For more information, see the Medicare and You 2009 book here:

What is the copay for Medicare?

Medicare has various deductibles and co-insurance depending on what service is provided. In general Medicare is known as the 80/20 plan since apart from deductibles payable by the beneficiary, Medicare generally pays 80% of the Medicare allowable amount and the beneficiary pays 20% of the Medicare allowable amount.

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