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Q: Who controls impeaching the president?
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Which Federal body is capable of impeaching the president?


What is the procedure called for removing a president from office?


What one power or responsibility the house of representatives has that the senate does not?

Impeaching the President. The senate will try the president, after the house Impeaches, or accuses the president of wrongdoing.

Do you think the house was justified in impeaching President Johnson Wy or why not?

No c;

What branch of government can impeach federal officials?

The National Assembly (legislature) has the exclusive power of impeaching either the president or the vice president

What is the act of impeachment?

The act of impeachment is a presidential one. Impeaching a president would resolve in the removal of the president by means of a congressional vote.

Who can convict president of charges?

The House of representative can bring charges against the President ( called impeaching the president. ) The Senate would then hold a trial and possibly convict the president of the charges.

Who controls access to the president?

The president's chief of staff controls access to him.

How can the legislature check the power of the chief executive?

The legislature can check the power of the chief executive or president by overriding, approving and impeaching.

What is the role of the house of representatives in impeaching a president?

The House must initiate any impeachment process by passing a bill of impeachment with a simple majority.

Can the president be thrown out of office without impeaching him?

No. The impeachment process is the only lawful way to remove a president from office. Of course, he could voluntarily resign under the threat of impeachment as did Richard Nixon.

Who would NOT be involved in the formal process of impeaching and removing the president?

The Justices of the US Supreme Court. Impeachment is voted on by Congress.

who controls the US army?

the president controls the US army.

What are the two steps of impeaching a president?

a letter must be written the house of representatives about the presidents flaws, and then it is sent to the senate to hold a meeting of the subject..... oh yeah

Who controls Haiti?

its the president of haiti who controls the contry

What are two differences between governor and president?

1: president controls country while governor controls a town. 2: president makes more money then the governor.

Why should Obama be impeached?

He shouldn't be. Like him or hate him, there is a very high standard for impeaching a president, and Mr. Obama has not been guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, nor treason.

What does the president control?

The President of the US controls the Executive Branch of the government.

What government branch impeached presidents?

To impeach a president, the House of Representatives must come up with an accusation against the president. The trial is then held by the Supreme Court with the Senate as a jury. So, both the Judicial and the Legislative branch participate in impeaching a president.

Would the chief justice be involved in the formal process of impeaching and removing the president?

It depends on the country but yes,the chief justice would likely make a decision based on how complicated matters get if the senate or congress are split between impeachment of the current president.

Who controls the amount of access cabinet secretaries have to the president?

The answer to that is the president's chief of staff.

What violated the tradition that presidents controlled their cabinets?

Tenure of Office Act of 1867 made it illegal for the President to fire a cabinet member without the approval of Congress. It was used as grounds for impeaching President Andrew Johnson. It was later declared to be unconstitutional.

How can government be truly just?

Impeaching Obama

Why did Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton still serve as president after being impeached?

while the charges were brought against him which is the actual definition of Impeaching. He was never found "Guilty", and therefore not removed from office.

Who controls power in US?

Hopefully the President