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Who created morality?

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The Almighty God created morality

2013-04-14 21:09:29
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2020-09-18 21:02:38

It is a basic standard that a given society creates. Every group and society have different standards. In some places something can be immoral and in others the same act is customary. The idea that god dictates morality is not true factually because there are immoral and moral people in all groups and not all religious people act morally, also the same God in different religiouns teatch different think. In jewdism circumsisions are forced onto babies but in the modern age science shows that circumsisions is a life long harm to the person. Each branch of the abrahamic family of religiouns has different standards that reflect the societal standards of the past from which they came and multiple people could point to a god for there beliefs even if these beliefs contradict each other. So morality is based on what a society think is best for the betterment of the group. To Hitler he was moral and he was a christian who apealed to Christianity, but for people who didnt live in nazi society he was immoral. Morality depends on where the person is and were there from.

2020-09-18 21:02:38
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When was On the Genealogy of Morality created?

On the Genealogy of Morality was created in 1887.

When was A Determinism of Morality created?

A Determinism of Morality was created on 2010-05-25.

When was Morality for Beautiful Girls created?

Morality for Beautiful Girls was created in 2001.

When was Morality Above All Else created?

Morality Above All Else was created in 1937.

When was Morality Play - novel - created?

Morality Play - novel - was created in 1995.

What is reflective morality?

Reflective morality is the internalized version of right and wrong from the elements of our upbringing. Reflective morality can include both religious morality, customary morality, and empathy.

What role does religion play in morality?

Religion can play a large role in morality. Sense religions tend to tell people how they should live it would affect morality.Morality is determined by socially acceptable behaviors and religion was created to enforce those behaviors so that there would be a controlled society based on the objectives of the lords and masters.

What does the morality plays teach?

Well we don't know which morality play is 'the morality play' but usually a morality play focuses on some moral.

Definition of normality morality and molality?


Why is morality a science?

Morality is a branch of philosophy, not science.

Is homosexuality is moral?

morality implies choice. Since homosexuality is not a choice, it lies outside the realm of morality, just like eye color and height are not relevant to morality.morality implies choice. Since homosexuality is not a choice, it lies outside the realm of morality, just like eye color and height are not relevant to morality.

How does conscience relate to morality?

because conscience is like morality

What is the concrete basis of morality?

present the concrete basis of morality

Morality and other phases of life?

the morality it is amorality in your lifr

What is a sentence using the word morality?

There is no morality in cheating at games.

The word morality in a sentence?

Having fun is the morality of this story.

What is morality of fame?

No such animal. Fame has nothing to do with morality OR immorality.

What is Tribal Morality?

The morality of a particular tribe. What I think you mean though is how does a morality exist that does not claim that all humans belong to it.

Differentiate morality from christian morality?

"Morality" is far too general a term to have any real meaning. For example, 'Relative Morality' is no morality at all, as virtually anything can be rationalized by the human mind. 'Christian Morality' is a particular kind of morality based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. While people may or may not adhere to it as they should, it DOES provide a consistent baseline by which to judge ones actions.

How do you define 'morality'?

Morality is a set of ideas, beliefs, or doctrines about right or wrong behavior within a given society or culture.

What is the difference between slave morality and master morality according to Friedrich Nietzsche?

Nietzsche described master Morality is some kind of honor, creator of values, art, nobility...while slave Morality is friendship, and compassion. Slave morality speaks against power believes it to a negative. For Nietzsche, master morality is detrimental to freedom.

Why is the standard of standard of morality different from your morality today?

It depends on what you refer to as standard morality, but basically, morality was once based on standards that were beyond man. That base has eroded over the years and now man sets his own morality. Thus, morality is now anything man wants it to be, which is notably less stringent than it once was.

What are the Agencies of socialization affecting your morality?

are the agencies of socialization affecting morality

Is internet a threat to morality?

Everything is a threat to morality. Living in a bubble is not the answer.

Examples of slave morality and master morality in everyday activities?

Master morality means that he feels he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.Slave morality means that the slave resents the master and all he represents.