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Who created the Jewel CD case?


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Peter Doodson


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A CD inlay is used as a back cover of a CD jewel case. They are created to fit standard jewel cases.

It is just a clever name for a CD case. They are the slimmer version of the standard CD case. "Jewel" refers to the piece that clips into the center hole of the CD to keep it in place. It has a jewel-like design.

CD jewel cases are made through a process called injection moulding

A standard, full-size CD jewel case measures 5.4" x 4.75" x 0.25"

Visit: search: Maxi Slim Single for J-Card - This is the jewel case used in American CD singles :)

A smoothed brick,a book, a matchbox, a CD jewel case.

Memorex Multi-Color Slim CD Jewel Case are 11.2 x 10.2 x 5 inches and half as thick as normal jewel cases.

It is usually on the paper to your left inside the jewel case.

A digipak has the size and look of a CD jewel case but it is made of paper stock with a plastic tray glued to hold the CD. With a typical clear tray, a digipak has 4-panels for putting the artwork on. One advantage of digipak over jewel case is that it has better shock absorption than jewel case. When a jewel case is dropped it breaks. But a digipak will still be in one piece even it is dropped. A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Follow the link below to the digipak gallery.

The black, polypropylene DVD cases are called, well, "DVD cases." Sometimes, they are also called "Amaray cases" because Amaray was the first manufacturer. The clear, polystyrene CD Case is called either a "CD Case" or a "jewel case." The term "jewel case" is attributed to the packaging designer Peter Doodson, a Dutch designer, who worked for Philips.

Jewel is a brand of CD cases. Jewel CD cases are available in many colors, including blue, yellow, red, green, and orange. Jewel cases are durable and can be purchased very cheap.

Most product registration keys for Windows are printed on the back of the jewel case

A digipak is a type of CD case meant to replace the standard jewel case. Digipak uses less plastics so it is more environmental. One advantage of digipak over jewel case is it doesn't break as easily as jewel case. With proper design a digipak can look more classic and deliveries the premium packaging impression. Examples of digipak can be found at

The Installation code is located on a sticker that is either located on your CD Jewel Case or CD Sleeve, inside the Manual, or on the Call of Duty Disk.

This CD case, like many others, is designed for scatch proection just as much as it is for easier handling and storage of your optical media.

Mini LP in sleeve. Instaed of a standard jewel case it is a cd packaged in a miniature version of an LP or record sleeve.

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Will the Khypermedia Full Size Cd Jewel Cases are fine for whatever you want to put inside them

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The answer is Dark Sided Jewel.

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