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George Bush created the ballpoint pen about four years ago.

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Q: Who created the ballpoint pen?
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Did Laszlo Biro create the ballpoint pen alone?

No. He created the Ballpoint pen with his brother Gyorgy Biro

Did Lazlo Biro invent the ballpoint pen?

yes he did invent a ballpoint pen.yesYes, he did invent the ballpoint pen.

Who invented the ballponit pen?

The first ballpoint pen patent, 392,046, was issued to John Loud on October 30, 1888. However, László and Georg Bíró created the first commercial ballpoint pen.

What is the Most expensive ballpoint pen in the world?

As far as i can tell the most expensive ballpoint pen in the world is the Mont Blanc ballpoint

What is a ballpoint?

A ballpoint is another name for a ballpoint pen or biro, or the device by which it writes.

What is a Biro?

A biro is a BIRO-brand ballpoint pen, or by extension, any variety of ballpoint pen.

When did laszlo biro invented the ballpoint pen?

laszlo biro invented the ballpoint pen in 1938 !

Who is gyorgy?

He is Laszlo biros, the inventor of the ballpoint pen, brother. he helped invent the ballpoint pen

Advantages on the ballpoint pen?

Despite popular belief, a ballpoint pen can not dry out because the ball is there. Plus if your Percy Jackson your advantage with a ballpoint pen is that it's also a sword.

What did the ballpoint pen replace?

fountain pen

Who invented the modern ballpoint pen?

John J. Loud is credited for inventing the modern ballpoint pen.

Who is Gyorgy biro?

He is Laszlo biros, the inventor of the ballpoint pen, brother. he helped invent the ballpoint pen

What is a bic?

A bic is another term for a ballpoint pen or a Biro.

What was the year ballpoint pen invented?

The first ballpoint pen was issued on 6 of jan by corbin doe

When did the ballpoint pen first appear?

The ballpoint pen also dates back to the late nineteenth century.

When was the ballpoint pen first marketed in the United States?

The ballpoint pen was introduced to the U.S. market in 1945.

What is the timeline for a ballpoint pen?

The quill pen, the fountain pen and then the ball point pen.

How do you say ballpoint pen in Spanish?

Ballpoint pen in Spanish is : bolígrafo or boli (Pronounced bow-lee) with the accent on the bow.

What does Le gustarรญa a usted un bolรญgrafo mean?

"Would you care for a (ballpoint) pen?" or "Would you like a (ballpoint) pen?".

How is a ballpoint pen made?

Below is a reference to a website, e-notes for Ballpoint Pen: How Products are Made. It provides history as well as the manufacturing process. Hope this helps:

Who invented ballpoint pen?

While there were several prior patents launched, the standardised ballpoint pen as you know it was invented by László Bíró. The first patent of the ballpoint pen was John Loud ..1888; 60 years before.

What was invented in 1938?

The ballpoint pen

What was ballpoint pen use for?

for writing

Does ink pen smudge or ballpoint pen smudge?

It depends on the type of pen or ballpoint pen you use. If you are outlining a drawing, you should wait for the pen lines to dry before erasing away the pencil lines.

What is ballpoint pen in french?

It's mainly stylo, but if you want it exactly like ballpoint pen, then it's stylo à bille.