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Nazi Germany constructed the gas chambers to eliminate the Jewish people of Europe. As many as 3 million Jews were murdered in this way.

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Q: Who created the gas chambers?
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Where did the gas for the gas chambers in buchenwald come from?

Buchenwald did not have gas chambers

When was the gas chambers created?

In January 1942 mass-gassing of Jews began at Auschwitz. These gas chambers were used for the last time on the 30th October 1944.

Who created the gas chambers in World War 2?

Third German Reich.

What killed the Jews the most gas chambers or fire?

The gas chambers.

Description of the gas chambers?

Please see the link below for information on the gas chambers at Auschwitz. (Other camps also had gas chambers).

How big were Holocaust gas chambers in the Lodz ghetto?

There were no gas chambers in the Lodz ghetto. The gas chambers and camps were not in cities, they were in much more secluded areas.

What happened to mr van pels?

he died in the gas chambers he died in the gas chambers

What did the Nazis do to the Jews in gas chambers?

The Nazis put the Jews to death in the gas chambers.

Are gas chambers and poison gas the same?

Yes it is, u can go to wikipedia and type Gas Chambers to find out

How many gas chambers were there in the Holocaust?

It is unknown the exact number of gas chambers. There were quite a few and most of the concentration camps had these chambers in them.

Was there gas chambers in concentration camps?

The extermination camps had gas chambers for large-scale killings. Some of the ordinary concentration camps, such as Stutthof, had smaller gas chambers.

When were the gas chambers built at Auschwitz?

IN 1933 --------- Auschwitz did not exist until 1940 the first experimantal gas chamber (for about 10 people) was created in September 1941 three buildings were converted into gas chambers for mass murder over the next few months. the large purpose built gas chambers went on-line in the spring of 1943

Were there gas chambers in the ghetto?

No - look up what gas chambers were for and you will realise how counter-intellegent that question is

How did the Jews get to the gas chambers?

they were driven to the gas chambers being told they were going to take showers.

What did Nazi SS guards pretend the gas chambers were?

Prisoners were told the gas chambers were showers.

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How did the gas chambers kill people in the Holocaust?

The chambers appeared to be showers, but what came out was not water, but gas. People inhaling the gas died.

What is the point in gas chambers?

The Holocaust was a very scary time for the Jews. The gas chambers werement to make them suffer, and kill them. --- The point of gas chambers was to kill large numbers of people quickly.

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How were the Jews burnt in gas chambers?

They were gassed (with poison gas) in the gas chambers, then the corpses (dead bodies) were moved to the crematoria(ovens), where they were burnt.