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Who decides who goes on the US currency?

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Department of Treasury

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The Judicial Branch decides whether or not a law is unconstitutional.

Amount of gold desides currency of country.

The government decides, and then it has to be approved by the U.S. Mint.

Congress decides US amendments.

The currency of the United States is the US Dollar

NoThe currency of Brazil is the Brazilian Real.The currency of the USA is the US dollar.Most countries in the world have their own currency.

If the victim decides to press charges, then it goes to court.

Yes, the US Dollar is a fiat currency

Antarctica has no national currency, while the US currency is broadly recognized as a currency benchmark for work economics.

The official currency of the United States is the US dollar.The international currency code is USD.

"In God we trust" is on US Currency.

The demand and supply forces in the currency markets determine the rate of the rupee to the dollar. The currency is not fixed by a central bank.

The value of the pegged currency goes up and down depending on the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar. Pegging a currency to the U.S. dollar gives that currency the same stability as the U.S. dollar, keeping its exchange rate from fluctuating too wildly.

You can exchange Budapest currency for US currency at most banks that exchange foreign currency. You can also make this exchange at places like currency kiosks at international airports.

The basic currency used in the United States is the US dollar.

If you mean "Who decides on which player goes to the disabled list" that would be the general manager of the team.

The value of the currency increases in proportion to it's scarcity and desireability.

China's currency is called yuan renminbi. One us dollar is equal to 6.58 renminbi.

France uses the Euro. The US uses the dollar.

gravity decides it. As with any river, it takes the path of least resistance to lower elevation.

U.S. currency or the US Dollar.

The currency in use is the US Dollar

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