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Who designed the Louis Vuitton handbags?


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Louis Vuitton was the first to design them.

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The cattle leather is used in Louis Vuitton handbags. When buying the Louis Vuitton handbags it is important to be keen so that you don't buy a counterfeit one.

The price range for Louis Vuitton brand handbags is remarkably large. For example, such handbags can be purchased for as little as $200 to upwards of $1500.

Louis Vuitton is best known for their handbags. However, they do sell a lot of other merchandise that is popular as well.

Louis Vuitton is a popular designer that manufactures desirable clothing and handbags. Louis Vuitton suede purses can be purchased at upscale retailers such as Bloomingdales, Macy's, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue. The handbags are also available for purchase over the internet or directly from the Louis Vuitton Store in locations such as New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Louis Vuitton handbags can be purchased at retailers that specialize in high end merchandise, such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom. Purchases can also be made directly from Louis Vuitton via their website. Caution should be used when buying handbags online from any other source, as they could prove to be knock offs.

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It's just a guess, but i'm thinking Louis Vuitton did

Some good fashion brand handbags are made from Louis Vuitton , Chanel, and Gucci.

NO. they are made of treated high quality canvas

Nicki has Louis Vuitton, Gucci ,Chanel handbags

Louis Vuitton has their own website for retail. It also appears that they can be found at Luxe Designer Handbags. They are expensive, ranging around $500-600.

Louis Vuitton Repairs their own handbags in their shops. (Depending on the type of the bag and the age of it.) The shop repairs the goods for free but the chances of them having parts for a specialty, seasonal, or older handbag is far less than a hard sided luggage case.

You can use premium handbags, and upper class handbags when staying at a cabin. Some of those top of the line bags in GUCCI, Ralph Lauren, and Louis Vuitton handbags.

Gucci purses also have a controllato card which means 'checked' in Italian. It's part of the quality control system Gucci uses to bolster it's authenticity. Louis Vuittons come with a registered serial number. This website has tips for identifying an authentic Louis Vuitton bag: http://www.fashionandbeautyreviews.com/fashion-handbags/identifying-designer-handbags-how-to-identify-an-authentic-louis-vuitton-vintage/ This site has similar info relative to Gucci bags: http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/How-To-Spot-Fake-Gucci-Handbags/662969

Although they might sound alike, they are two different people and designers, both of which are very successful. Christian Louboutin designs and sells shoes, while Louis Vuitton designs and sells handbags. :-)

Yes.....Louis vuitton was a boy.He is the founder of French fashion house - Louis Vuitton.

In the early 1800s Louis Vuitton trained as a luggage packer for a wealthy Parisian family He was then appointed by Napoleon III to pack the dresses of the Empress Eugenie. Little did he know this would be the start of his rise to fame.

Yes Louis Vuitton is female

t is my louis vuitton # SF1688 real?

Louis Vuitton make sunglasses aye, but most famous for their handbags & other tarty material.

Louis vuitton does not have sales. If you see a Louis vuitton item on the internet that says it is being sold by Louis vuitton and is on sale, it is a fake. the price on the item is the price you pay.

Louis vuitton is a brands of bags ,i like Louis vuitton bags and chanel bags very much.

Louis vuitton is a french luxury brand

Louis vuitton was originally owned by Louis vuitton but that was back in the nineteenth century the current owner of Louis vuittton is Bernard Arnalt

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