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Who designed the caravel?

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What were the ships called that the Portuguese designed?

The Portuguese designed a class of small, maneuverable sailing ship called a caravel.

What was the caravel used for?

the caravel was used for sailing...

Where was the caravel made?

The Caravel was made in Portugual.

What part of speech is caravel?

Caravel is a noun.

Sentence with the word caravel?

A caravel was a small, fast Spanish or Portuguese sailing ship.The caravel came into sight on the horizon.They set sail aboard the caravel for the New World.

What is caravel?

a caravel i a ship columbos used in 1500

What does Caravel mean in french?

Caravel in french means caravelle

What is a good sentence for caravel?

My caravel mum loves to dance

What is a sentence using the word caravel?

The caravel is much smaller than I'd imagined. Christopher Columbus used a caravel.

In what way did the caravel improve?

The caravel triangles made iteasier to sail (easier to control) and the caravel made the boat go faster.

How did the caravel make Europeans' voyages of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries possible?

It was designed with a special sail that allowed it to sail against the wind.

Was caravel the Spanish ship used by the Spanish?

The caravel was an original Portugese model.

How do you use the word caravel in a sentence?

He sailed the caravel hundreds of miles over the Pacific Ocean.The caravel was a midsized ship developed by the Portuguese and Spanish.

What year was the caravel made in?

The caravel was made during the late 1400's in Portugal.

How did Prince Henry the Navigator invent the caravel the compass and the astrolabe?

he invented the caravel only

How do you use caravel in a sentence?

The stamp depicts two caravel ships approaching land

What was special about the Caravel?

The Caravel was able explore along the West African coast and into the Atlantic Ocean.

Meaning of caravel?

A caravel is one of the ships Columbus sailed in that has 2-4 masts and lateen sails.

Did Marco polo use a caravel?

Caravel sailing ships were developed in the 15th century, which is from the years 1401-1500. Marco Polo lived from 1254-1324. So, he did not use Caravel ships.

What is a synonym for caravel?


What is Pizarro boats?


What was the caravel?

A caravel is a sail that was a combination of sails, with the square sails of the European ships and the trinagluar sails of the Arab Lateen.

What is the difference between a caravel from a galleon?

a caravel is bigger that it and is from the norther part of the world and a galleons is smaller and is from the southern part of the world

Who perfected the use of the caravel?

well it was really hard to have this caravel many people learn about but there could still be more information about this

What was the size of the caravel?

its about the size of 345ft

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