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Word comes from the Greeks (rule of the people).

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Q: Who developed the idea of democracy?
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How did democracy arise in ancient Greece?

Democracy arose in ancient Greece because of Athens. The idea of democarcy developed

What are facts about Democracy?

Democracy is developed by the Ancient Greeks.

Which of the Christian teachings support the central idea of democracy?

There are no Christian teachings that support the central idea of democracy.

Athenians developed the first form of democracy called?

Direct Democracy

What explained the idea of direct democracy?

Direct democracy is the idea that a democracy should be directly operated by the decision of the people and not of elected representatives.

The ancient Athenians developed the first form of democracy called?

direct democracy

Who developed democracy?

Athens (ancient Greeks)

Who started the idea of democracy?


What is the central idea of democracy?

Democracy's central idea is that ordinary people want to rule themselves and are capable of doing so.

What statement explains the idea of civic participation as it was developed in ancient Greece'?

Our word Democracy comes from the Greek words for People Power - excersised in assemblies of the citizens.

Why was the introduction of the idea citizenship important to the development of democracy?

The Athenian style of democracy is called a direct democracy.

What form of government was first developed in Athens?


The Greeks developed a system of government called?


Which ancient city developed democracy?

Athens, Greece.

What city in Greece developed a direct democracy?


How Judaism and Christianity did shape idea of democracy?

They didn't shape democracy. Democracy is a political idea that is secular and has no religion as a foundation. It allows for people to worship as they wish and there is no state religion.

What are the advantages of industrial democracy?

I have no idea of this topic

What idea of direct democracy is explained in?

It is from the Athen

Can use the word democracy in a compound sentence?

The idea of democracy is great. But it doesn't work.

What is the main idea of the Mayflower Compact?

democracy is the main idea of may flower

Athena developed the basis for the form of government known as what?


Is developed democracy a place or person?

It is a type of government. A thing.

Why would a city like Philadelphia model their own 19th-century buildings after those in another country?

to align themselves with the idea of democracy to align themselves with the idea of democracy to align themselves with the idea of democracy To align themselves with the ideals of democracy as represented by those cultures, which included Greece.

How did limited democracy developed in Athens?

Democracy happened in Athens when the king got too much power. They moved from a monarchy to an aristocracy and then to a direct democracy.

What people gave us the idea of a democracy?

Ancient Greece is generally considered to be the earliest democracy.