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France was on the Allies side during the second world war. However, Germany invaded France early in the war.

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France was invaded by Germany during World War II.

Germany invaded France during World War II.

why were France and Germany rivals during world war 1? plzz email back

france was invaded by Germany and Italy during world war 2

Italian occupation of France during World War II was created in 1940.

Italian occupation of France during World War II ended in 1943.

It was Germany,that invaded the Benelux countries and France during World War II.

France didn't even rule France during World War 2, let alone occupy any other countries.

Vichy, France was the provisional capital of France during World War 2. More:

No, France gave in to Germany, and Germany then took over France. We did not help them. Not in World War I, the war the question asks about. Britain joined France in its fight againt Germany during the first World War.

France fought during World War 1 because Germany attacked France and France fought back.

France wasn't doing so good during World War 1. During World War 1, much of the western front had been fought on French Soil. France had some 1.4 million military personnel and 400,000 civilians dead.

allied powers during world war 1 were france, japan, usa, uk,italy

They were in the Battle of France in which they fought the Germans and France lost

The president of France is Raymond Poincare during WW1

Charles de Gaulle was the major military leader of France during World War 2.

they were alliews during the war , along with England and russia

A declaration of war against Germany.

The major Allies during World War I were France, Britain, Russia, and Italy. As the war dragged on, other countries joined the Allies.

The alliances France had were Britain and obviously the United states.

France and us have a relationship and so do you