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Hitler blamed Germany's loss of World War 1 on the Jews.

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Hitler blamed the loss of WWI on the Jews and their pacifist ways.

Hitler believed that the Jews were to blame for the German loss of World War One.

Hitler wanted someone to blame for the loss of world war one and he blamed the Jews

If you are talking about the Holocaust, the Nazi's wanted them because Hitler used them as a scapegoat or someone to blame for the loss of the first World War. To get revenge for the loss he wanted them all dead.

Because Hitler (leader of the Nazis) needed someone to blame for the loss of World War 1 and the Great Depression, and the Jews, Gypsies, and gays just happened to be chosen to carry the blame.

Hitler wanted to blame someone for the loss of WW1 so he blamed the Jews

people belived Hitler could because he was an aggressive speaker and pasionate about his country and gave the people something to blame the poverty and loss of the first world war on: the Jews

He probably just needed or wanted someone to blame Germany's loss in World War 2 so he started harrasing and getting rid of the Jews.

Hitler blamed the Kaiser (Wilhelm II) for the loss of the Great War. He did not have him executed when he invaded the Netherlands (The Kaiser was in exile in Kasteel Doorn / Castle Doorn, in the centre of the Netherlands) Wilhelm II died in 1941.

Not in the slightest. Part of his appeal to the German public was his belief that Germany was unfairly punished by the Versailles treaty and Germany was not at fault for any of its post-war suffering.

Actually, you think it was the German people who blamed the Jews for the loss of World War I, but it was Hitler who convinced them to blame them. You may call it hypnotizing them, but he grabbed their attention with his powerful speeches. He's obviously wrong because Jews did not even make up 1 percent of their population, so there would not be much they can do to make Germany lose World War I against millions of German soldiers. They lived peacefully until Hitler changed everything and turned it all against them.

Hitler used propaganda to convince Germans that Jewish people were ugly, evil, traitors, and that they were ultimately to blame for Germany's loss in WWI. Through propaganda, Hitler tried to make Germans hate the Jewish people.

The Germans started to take Hitler seriously after they had been living through the affects of their WWI loss. The Germans wanted someone to blame for their misfortune, so Hitler gave them the Jews.

hitler just wanted some people to blame the reason why germany lost the war, and that was the jews. he had this big idea about a master race, and he didnt like the religion and ways of the jews in it, so he blamed the jews for the loss of the war for someone to take the blame out on

loss of land loss of food depression Hitler uprising ;'(

No one knows for sure. There are theories that it is because a Jewish doctor treated his mother for breast cancer and did a poor job. Another theory is that Adolph Hitler was embarrassed that his father was illegitimate and that a Jewish man named Leopold Frankenberger, was his real grandfather. Hitler did blame the Jews for the loss of World War I in his book for Mein Kampf.

This is beacase the Germans bealives that the Jews were the blame of the loss to ww1. adolf Hitler (the leader of gemany) said that the only answer was to get rid of the Jews.

Hitler was an Anti-Semite. He considered Jews to be an inferior race and blamed them for Germany's loss during World War I.

Hitler hated the Jewish people and blamed them for the loss of the first world war. Hitler considered the Jewish peoples back stabbers and targeted them during the Holocaust.

Nazi prejudice against the Jewish people were focused primarily on the blame that Hitler had placed on them for huge things like the loss of World War 1. This, combined with the idea of racial supremacy and the Jewish inferiority, fueled horrendous actions.

Hitler was a German who hated the Jew. He blamed them for their loss in World war 1. He also pointed them to be the reason for their economical crisis.

"I blame" the persons who don't want to take responsibility for their actions; out of fear-- fear of punishment, fear of loss of respect or status.

Both Hitler and Mussolini's downfalls were from the loss of World War 2. Stalin had no downfall. He died while still in power in 1953.

He became the leader of Germany because he wanted world power, after his loss in world war 1.

Yes, that was one of the reasons he hated them but Hitler also felt that the Jews were inferior.

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