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Hitler took over his power from Hindenburg, a social democrat. ---

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Was Hitler planning to take over only Germany?

Hitler wanted to revive the Roman Empire and take over the known world.

What place did Hitler take over?

Hitler took over lots of places the first place was Poland.

What was Hitler doing to take over Germany in 1938?

Oops. Hitler took over Germany in 1933.

Why did Hitler want to take over Poland?

Actually hitler wanted to take over Poland to create a direct route to the soviet union

What year did Hitler take over Russia?

Hitler invaded Russia in 1941 in what was known as Operation Barbarossa, but this invasion was never successful and Hitler never managed to take over Russia.

Did Hitler take over Australia?

No, he took over Austria.

Why did Hitler take over Den Mark?

So that he could take over Norway

What year did Hitler take over the Nazis?

Hitler didnt take over the Nazis, he just chose that party when he became the Fuhrer(leader) of Germany.

What region did Hitler take over?

Hitler completely took over Europe, North Africa and Belo-Russia.

When did Hitler began taken over?

Hitler began to take over Germany with the Nazi party in January 1933

What did Hitler do to take over Poland?

Hitler used German military Forces to move into Poland and take it over. He used the blitzkrieg startegey to defeat Poland

Why Hitler was prisoned?

he sought to take over the government.................

What inspired Adolf Hitler?

to take over the world

What parts of Europe did Hitler take over?

He took over belguim, which was supposed to be neutral at that time but Hitler broke the treaty and took over anyway

When did Adolf Hitler take over Germany?

Adolf Hitler took power of Germany in 1933.

Did Hitler take over Netherlands successfully?

yes they were hardly any trouble at all to take over

When did Hitler take over Germany?

1933.He took over Germany in 1933.

Which party did Adolf Hitler take over in 1921?

Adolf Hitler took over the Nazi party in 1921. Hitler was 44 years old when he became the leader of this party.

What strategy did Hitler use to invade Poland?

Hitler bombed Poland in an attempt to take it overHitler used the blitzkrieg doctrine.

What allowed Hitler to take over Czechoslovakia?

The allies gave Czechslavakia to Hitler in hopes of preventing war.

What is the reason Hitler unite the German people to war?

Hitler was crazy-he wanted to take over the world

Did Adolf Hitler take over Russia?

No. He tried and failed.

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