Who did Jimmy Carter lose his re eletion against?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Who did Jimmy Carter lose his re eletion against?
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When did Jimmy Carter rerun for president?

Jimmy Carter's second presidential election took place on 1980 November 4. Carter would lose to Ronald Reagan.

What year did Jimmy Carter lose to Ronald Reagan?

In the United States presidential election of 1976 , Gerald Ford lost out to Jimmy Carter .

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Who saidA recession is when your neighbor loses his job a depression is when you lose yours And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his?

Ronald Regan during a 1980 debate

Why did Reagan lose to Ford?

Reagan did not lose to Ford. Ford lost to Carter, and Carter lost to Reagan.

Did Gerald Ford run for president for second term and lose?

The US Constitution was amended to disallow anyone from being elected President more than twice

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Who was the last sitting president to lose the bid or re-election for a second term?

In 1980, Jimmy Carter became the first since 1932 to lose his re-election bid.In 1976, Gerald Ford became the first incumbent to lose since 1932. However, he was not running for re-election since he was not elected the first time.Lyndon Johnson chose not to run in 1968 and so avoided the likelihood of losing a reelection bid.

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