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She met John Rolfe, Queen Elizabeth and King James I.

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When did Pocahontas go to England?

Pocahontas went to England in may 1616

Where did Pocahontas die?

In Gravesend, England

When did Pocahontas meet john smith?

Pocahontas met John Smith in 1607.

What year did Pocahontas come back from England?

Pocahontas never came back from England. She died Gravesend, Kent, England of unknown causes.

When did Pocahontas and john smith first meet?

When Pocahontas was 12 years old. Pocahontas was 12 years old in 1607.

When and were did Pocahontas die?

Pocahontas died March 1617 in Gravesend,Kent,England.

What did Pocahontas do when she was older?

When Pocahontas was older, she was a celebrity in England. She met the king and queen of England and was treated as a royal. At the age around 21 or 22, Pocahontas became sick and died.

Where Did Pocahontas Travel To?

she traveled to England

How did john smith meet Pocahontas?

how they meet is that Pocahontas saw that that john smith was going to die so she was right near his so if he dies she dies

Where has Pocahontas lived?

well pocahontas is from Jamestown, Virginia. And she was married to John Rolfe and they had a family and pocahontas died in Gravesend,Kent, England.

What is an fact about Pocahontas?

She had 3 names total in her life -PocahontasMatox (at birth)Rebecca (after she was baptised after she in England )

Did Pocahontas go to a college?

Pocahontas did not go to a college. She married John Rolfe and went to England with him. She died there of a disease.

Did Henry Hudson meet Pocahontas?

he did meet Pocahontas an was not happy with John smith being in love with her he was really really mest up to there love sadly he stinks literally Jk noim serious

Did Pocahontas have any family?

Yes Pocahontas had a father and mother. Then she married John Rolfe and moved to England. There she had a son named Thomas. She died in England of a disease at age 21.

What did people in England think of Pocahontas?

I think the people in England thought Pocahontas was bad because they didn't like her father and her father didn't want the British to take their land.

Did Pocahontas get married in 1614?

No.She reached England in 1616.

What happen later in Pocahontas life?

She married a man from England

Where was Pocahontas buried?

In Gravesend, just outside of London, England.

Where did Pocahontas travel?

She traveled to England I love Henry Gournuae

How old was John Smith when he meet Pocahontas?

Pocahontas was 10-12 years old and Captain John Smith was 25-28 years old.

How did Pocahontas meet john smith?

He was in James town with her being there and she was friends with his son

Who was John Rolfe and what did he do?

John Rolfe lived in England. He married Pocahontas.

Is Pocahontas a famous woman?

yes she is a famous women when she travel to England

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