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Who did Torres play for before Liverpool?


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Athletico Madrid.


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No but he did play for Liverpool before his transfer.

Torres did play at the Emirates for Liverpool.

Before moving to Chelsea he used to play for Liverpool FC P.S Liverpool suck and Chelsea rule

Fernando Torres played for the Spanish Club Athletico Madrid, before joining Liverpool.

There have been no inquiries about the striker, however, I do not believe at all that Torres would return to Liverpool. Torres does not fit Liverpool manager Brendan Rogers's style of play.

Fernando Torres played for Liverpool, and now he plays for Spain.

Barclay's premiship and Liverpool

He was born in Spain but moved to Liverpool, England in 2007 to play for Liverpool FC.

Athletico Madrid, Liverpool, Chelsea.

Athletico Madrid, Liverpool, Chelsea

Fernando Torres noe plays for Chelsea. He was sold by Liverpool for ยฃ50 million.

Fernando Torres joined Liverpool in 2007.

No, Athletico Madrid, Liverpool, and now Chelsea

Yes he can as he did not play for Liverpool this year in the champion league.

No Fernando Torres is cup tied as he played for liverpool.

Torres is number 9 for Liverpool i know because im an 11 year old Liverpool fan

Israel Torres Sanz is the brother of Fernando Torres. He was a goal keeper as a youth, but currently does not belong to a club. Fernando Torres is a striker for Liverpool F.C.

As Fernando Torres is playing in England for the Liverpool football club, he lives in Liverpool.

Fernando Torres Has Scored 65 And Has Been In Liverpool For Four Seasons

Djibril Cisse was Liverpool's record signing before Fernando Torres But Djibril Cisse was RUBBISH!! :P

Fernando Torres scored 65 goals in his career at Liverpool.

I agree that Torres will probaly go back to Liverpool because he is rubbish at Chelsea

no he plays 4 liverpool..............but in future we may expect

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