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When will I get married?

Probably when you find a partner you feel you can settle down andcommit to, based on whatever criteria are important to you...That's how most people do it. Though many people are afraid ofcommitting to one partner and end up pushing it off for years. Itall depends on you and your partner.

How do you get married?

First of all you need to get a marriage license. You can go to your local Town Hall and apply. There is a fee to be paid which can vary. The next thing you will need is a place to get married. If you want to go big, then a church, hall or park will best suit your needs. Next you can make a list of p ( Full Answer )

What can I do to get married?

First, I would be like 23. P.S. You don't have to. Second, if there is a boy/girl you like, and she/he likes you you can ask to marry her. (ONLY if you have a lot of fun together.) If she/he says "yes" when you ask to marry him/her, that's when you have a wedding . If she/he says "no" then you wo ( Full Answer )

When will you get married?

Anytime after you find the right person and you are financiallyable to care for yourselves and any possible children.

How can you get married?

First you have to find a partner and ask them to marry you (or be asked to marry them). If this is agreed you then need to obtain a marriage licence in the country in which you reside and fulfil any legal requirements for obtaining this licence (for instance you must be old enough to marry and may a ( Full Answer )

Who will you get married to?

You will marry a guy named Zachary Foutz or a guy named Dennis Balkiewicz, Colin Taylor, Caleb mcleod, Alex Koretke or a guy named Adrain Sibilly

Are you married or gettign married?

You are "married" after the ceremony - once it is done. You are "getting married" beforehand. This is the same as "engaged".

When do you get married?

Some say you get married when the time is right. I don't recommend rushing into a relationship, it usually doesn't work out to well.

Why do we marry?

because it shows how commited a couple are to be with each other and to also prove to each other how much they love 1 another.

What do you do after you get married?

I personally think that you can go to a nice and SAFE place and geta house when you older you can think about having children andbefore you can travel. What some people do is get married buy a house get children a dogand a cat and 2 cars that is what a lot of people do. but basicly ur a couple and ( Full Answer )

Who can you not marry?

You can technically marry anyone if your local law allows it, but in some areas there are restrictions such as gay marriage and marriage to people under a certain age.

Do you have to get married?

you don't have to do anything that you don't want to do ... specking on US law ...

Do you have to be married?

Definitely not. Holy matrimony is your personal choice. If you do not want to be married you don't, or vice versa. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Why do you have to marry?

Because if you don't marry that mean you are alone and you do not have any life partner...

If you are married can you file married but sparate?

yes you can. if you feel that you need to separate and spend some time off from each other so be it. just remember that if it doesn't work out that you should probably get a divorce so you can start dating again and maybe find someone better even though its against the catholic church.

When do you get marry?

That answer is based on how much you two trust each other, open up to each other, share things, and how you both really feel!!! For me, I wouldn't wanna get married until after like 1 or 2 years of dating, but that's juss mee. Ask you mate when you feel completely ready.

Who did William Shakespeare marry and when did he marry?

William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway on November 28,1582. They had 3 children,susana:1583, and the twins: Hament an Judit 1592. Hamnet, Wiliams only son, died at age 11. All of his children where baptised.

Can you get married in church if married before?

Some religions are happy to remarry divorced people in Church because: . If they were not the partner who wanted the divorce, then it is unfair to not allow them to remarry as everyone deserves a chance to be happy . A second marriage in Church shows that the couple are taking their vows seriousl ( Full Answer )

Are you legally married if you were married in Jamaica?

I literally got this off of the front page of Google : The marriage is legal in the United States as long as itis legally performed in Jamaica . ... The Marriage Register is NOT a legal document. Its morelike a receipt to say you got married . You must obtain a certified copy of your m ( Full Answer )

Can an AS marry an AS?

yes an AS can marry an AS. it is in the manual given to all AS' they do need to get support from the higher ups though.

If your husband was married when he married you are you married?

No, and he is in big trouble. In the United States a person can be married to only one person at a time. If they wish to remarry, they must end their present marriage legally, by a court decree. If a person 'marries' another person while still married the second marriage is null and void. The man yo ( Full Answer )

Can you get married to a man who is already married?

No. In the Unites States and all other Western countries a person can only be married to one person at a time. If you married a man who is already married your "marriage" would be null and void and he would be violating the law. If he died his wife would inherit his property and would also be consid ( Full Answer )

If you get married in Mexico can you get married in the US?

If you are legally married in Mexico that must be disclosed when you apply for a marriage license in the United States. You will be expected to legally dissolve your marriage in order to remarry. If you lie on the application your marriage won't be valid and the Mexican marriage may surface at some ( Full Answer )

Who did Cleopatra marry or did she not get married?

Cleopatra married both her younger brothers Ptolomy XIII and Ptolomy XiV. Ptolomy XIII died in the war with Caesar and Cleopatra poisoned Ptolomy XIV. She also had a "marriage" with Marc Antony. I put this in quotes because Antony was married to Octavia at the time of his so-called marriage to Cleop ( Full Answer )

Does brie get married in you married a stranger?

She married Michael. They've lasted 6 months and going well. At the end of the show he is moving to Los Angeles and they are looking at buying an apartment. Eliminated by order That tan guy (Gabriel) Jonathan Greg Erik Erik and Michael were both dressed as the bridegroom but an hour ( Full Answer )

If you are in love with a married man and you are not married?

It doesn't matter if you are a single woman, you will still ruin someones life and marriage. If you wanna know if your feelings is real, why don't you test your married lover, ask him if we will divorce his wife so the two of you can have a better future together. This is the only way you will find ( Full Answer )

Will I get married?

Yes, one day you will meet the right person and get married. Some people want to get married while others prefer to live alone and never marry, but that is their choice.

Is it Married with or married to?

It depends on the context. If you're referring to the spouse, it would be 'married to.' Forexample, "She is married to her high school sweetheart." However, if you're referring to a different aspect of the marriedperson's life, it would usually be 'married with.' For example, "Heis married with thre ( Full Answer )

Who is not married and who is married from your chemical romance?

At this moment in time they are all married Gerard Way is married to Lynz Way and have a child named Bandit Lee Way who I believe is 2 years old Frank Iero is married to Jamia Nestor and have twins called Cherry and Lily who I think are a few months old, I'm unsure how old Mikey Way is married to Al ( Full Answer )

What if you marry a married man then you marry again?

In most jurisdictions, you cannot "marry a married man", and in the few where this is permitted, you almost certainly cannot "marry again" at that point. . This is called bigamy. It is illegal in most western countries (for both men and women), and although many Muslim countries allow it, this is o ( Full Answer )

What do you do after you are married?

Basically people get married to form a family. There are a lot of details involved in this. Perhaps you could ask something more specific.

When do I Have to get married?

You don't have to get married at all. However, if you live with someone, maybe even have children with someone, being married gives you greater rights and makes inheritance easier if one of you should die for instance. Insurances may also offer better cover for a married husband/wife than for someo ( Full Answer )

How do you get married when already married?

In the Western World you can only be married to one person at a time. You cannot get married to someone else until your first marriage has been legally dissolved. Some Asian, African and Muslim countries allow a man to have plural wives. See link. In the Western World you can only be married to one ( Full Answer )

When you are get married?

Everyone gets married at a different age. Some never marry. Deanie Etcetera would like to marry Mitch Longley.

Can as married to as?

the chances of you and your partner having an SS child as yourightly said is 25%.but there is no way of predicting