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John Dickinson was elected to Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania but he did not resign as State President of Delaware.

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Q: Who did not live on colonial Delaware?
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Did people from holland live in colonial Delaware?


Where there churches in colonial Delaware?

yes there was churches in colonial Delaware

What did Delaware grow in colonial time?

they did not grow crops in colonial Delaware because they had bad land

Did Colonial Delaware raise oranges as a crop?

Yes colonial Delaware grew oranges as a crop. Vegetables, flax, grain and cattle were also major crops in colonial Delaware.

What was the land of colonial Delaware like?

The land of colonial Delaware was very fertile and was often used for farming and lumber.

How was colonial Delaware governed?

Colonial Delaware had its own assembly, granted to it by William penn before it broke off from Pennsylvania.

What are some ethnic groups of colonial Delaware?

Dutch, Swedish, English, Germans, and even Finnish settled in colonial Delaware.

What was the capital of Delaware during colonial times?

the captal of Delaware was kinkotan

What are the towns in colonial Delaware?

Colonial Delaware had only one major city or town and that was the town of Wilmington. Wilmington was greatly established by Swedish immigrants in the Delaware Colony.

Where was colonial Delaware?

In the Middle Colonies

Who founded colonial Delaware?


What did they do with the peaches in colonial Delaware?

Preserve them.