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It was a pandemic, so it affected the entire world and all age groups, including the young and healthy. Because it hit during World War 1, many soldiers were sick with the disease and also helped to spread it around the world, as they came and went from home and battlefield.

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the spanish flu affected all the world, 28% of the Americans got the flu and 500,000 - 675,000 died from the flu . one of the biggest problems it is that the flu happend in the WW1

Estimated that anywhere from 20 to 100 million people were killed worldwide by the Spanish Flu

Yes, the spanish flu has killed so many people and the past and still does (if it's someplace, i don't know)

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the Spanish flu is simply the influenza virus.

One of the deadliest flu pandemics was the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak with millions of deaths world wide.

There is and was no cure for the flu virus.

The 1918 pandemic of the Spanish Flu killed multiple millions world wide.

A strain of flu virus.

The Spanish Flu was a true Pandemic, affecting every corner of the world.

The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic was closely related to an avian virus.

The Spanish flu spread from a simple sneeze/cough that went into another persons mouth or nose, which would cause the flu to spread.

Bird Flu DOES affect the Blue banned bee!!

The Spanish Flu was also called the 1918 Flu, the 1918 Flu Pandemic, La Grippe Espagnole, and La Pesadilla. The French called it the German Flu and the Germans called it the French Flu. (It actually is thought to have originated in the US).

Your body has to respond to the Spanish flu before you get better, It usually takes 7 to 10 days. However the Spanish flu epidemic occurred in 1918. It was called the H1 N1 influenza.

Towards the end of the war, there was a massive outbreak of the Spanish flu, which lasted until 1920. Spanish flu gets its name because at the time of the outbreak Spain was a neutral power and so did not censor news and the Spanish king Alfonso XIII caught the disease and so it received a lot of coverage in Spain. Spanish flu is a type of swine flu that could affect anyone but was especially dangerous to young healthy adults, almost the opposite of the traditional flu; and as such its spread was probably hastened by the large movements of healthy troops, particularly to and from the USA.

No. The Spanish flu occurred at the end of WW 1 and was very severe and had a very high rate of death (high mortality rate). The regular flu (by which I assume you mean seasonal flu) is much less serious and of most concern to older people. Overall the seasonal flu is much less serious than the Spanish flu and killed way fewer people.

The swine flu and 1918 Spanish flu are the same strain of flu, H1N1. Every flu mutates, it's what makes them so hard to vaccinate against. The swine flu is a mutated version of the original H1N1, containing avian, swine and human genes in it. Strangely enough, American Armed Forces Institute of Pathology scientists reconstructed the Spanish Flu in a lab in 2007, using human DNA (and what other animal?) of victims who had died from the flu. The original Spanish flu had jumped from bird to human. At the same time that the Spanish flu was happening, pigs were having a respitory problem and according to the experts, this is how we have now caught the new swine flu- even though the pigs got sick back in the 30's, a few years after the original Spanish Flu. If they think I'm that stupid they have another thing coming. What do you think?

The Spanish Flu during WWI killed millions world wide.

No it was not spread by Mexicans. Sit down.

The risks associated with a pandemic flu is that it could spread all over the world and cause millions of deaths such as the Spanish flu of 1918. The Spanish flu death toll exceeded 50 million people worldwide.

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First of all, The flu is not called the spanish flu, it was from Swine ( type of pig) flu or H1N1 influenza. When the flu adapted itself, so it spreads from person to person and animal to person. People from Mexico can go to the US then it spreads like crazy. Hope this helps =]

The influenza epidemic (or pandemic) of 1918 was the most deadly in history. It was believed to have broken out in Spain, so it is known as the Spanish flu.

they are both bad for you and illnesses that you dont want to get.

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