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Who did william McKinley run against?

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In the 1896 U.S. presidential election, William McKinley ran against William J. Bryan. And the same thing for the 1900 U.S. presidential election.

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Who did William McKinley run against for President?

McKinley faced off against William Jennings Bryan in both 1896 and again in 1900. McKinley won by a bigger margin the second time .The first campaign changed the way political campaigns were run. The Mark Hanna designed advertising was revolutionary. Use the link below to learn more.

Who lost 2 times against William McKinley?

William Jennings Bryan lost twice against William McKinley in a campaign for the White House, in the 1896 and, again, in 1900. Although Bryan did not run for the Office of the President of the United States in the Election of 1904, he did make a third attempt in 1908, in which he fared his worst defeat.

Who ran against McKinley?

In both of the U.S. Presidential elections that William McKinley won (1896 & 1900), his Democratic Party opponent was William Jennings Bryan.

Who was against William McKinley for President and the electoral election?

William Jenning Bryan was the democratic candidate in 1896

Who ran for President against William McKinley?

William Jennings Bryan, from Nebraska, was his opponent in both 1896 and 1900.

What religion was William McKinley?

William McKinley was a devout Methodist.

Was William McKinley the first president to use a phone?

William McKinley answered the phone William McKinley answered the phone

Did William McKinley have any brothers and sisters?

Yes, William McKinley had eight siblings.Anna McKinleyDavid McKinleyJames McKinleyAbner McKinleySarah McKinleyMary McKinleyAbigail McKinleyHelen McKinley

Did William McKinley fight in the war against Spain?

He was the Commander in Chief (President of the US).

What is William McKinley well known for?

McKinley was famous for declaring war against Spain, and taking control of Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines.

Who is William McKinley?

katherine mckinley

When did William McKinley get married?

William McKinley married Ida Saxton McKinley on January 25, 1871.

Was William McKinley a strong presidential candidate?

William McKinley was a strong presidential candidate. William McKinley won two presidential elections. William McKinley was assassinated a few months after his second election.

Who are William McKinley children?

Katherine Mckinley and Ida Mckinley

Where was William McKinley buried?

William McKinley was buried at "The McKinley National Memorial" in Canton Ohio, United States.

How much money did William McKinley spend?

William McKinley spent 4,000,000$ USD while his democratic opponent, William Jennings Bryan, spent 3,000,000$ USD. McKinley gave people money for speaking for him and speaking against Bryan. He just stayed on his front porch, and people came to him.

When was William McKinley born?

William McKinley was born on January 29, 1843.

When was William Thomas McKinley born?

William Thomas McKinley was born in 1938.

What problems did William McKinley have as president?

i need help i have history compare and contrast paper on William McKinley what issues did William McKinley have THANKS FOR YOUR HELP

Was Mt McKinley named after William McKinley?

In 1896, the mountain was named for William McKinley, the republican nominee for president, by a gold prospector, William Dickey.

Who is Mount McKinley named after?

William McKinley.

Who is William McKinley daugter?

katherine mckinley

What party was McKinley in?

William McKinley was a Republican.

Who was democratic candidate for thr election of 1896?

The Democratic Candidate was William Jennings Bryan, running against Republican William McKinley. The Populist Party also nominated Bryan but McKinley still won.

Who said it is not necessary to own people to trade with them?

William Jennings Bryan said this. He ran against William McKinley in 1900 for the presidency.

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