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Who died during the Civil War?


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Over 600,000 people were known to have died during the U.S. Civil War, making it the deadliest war, for Americans, in U.S. history.


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Only 150 people died of salmonella during the civil war

during the time 2% of the population died in the civil war

44577 billiion people died during the civil war a lot hi cristal

Approximately 258,000 Confederate soldiers died during the American Civil War.

Apprxomimately 164,000 Confederate soliers died from diseases during the American Civil War.

Approximately 360,000 Union soldiers died during the American Civil War.

The object of the prepositional phrase "during the Civil War" is the word "war" or since it is a proper noun, "Civil War."

Approximately 164,000 Confederate soldiers died from battle wounds during the American Civil War.

There was a woman killed in it? Well which one i mean thousands died during the civil war...

They sat on their butts and died.

Approximately 360,000 Union troops and 258,000 Confederate troops died during the American Civil War.

None of Lincoln's children died during Civil War combat. His son William Wallace died of tuberculosis in 1862. William was eleven.

I can's tell how he died.... But I know for sure he did not die in the Civil war!

about 700,000 people did in the civil war. so sad.

In the overall civil war, about 800,000 drummer boys died.

US Civil war death toll- 70,000 approx according to experts.

About 365,000 Union soldiers and 260,000 Confederate soldiers died during the Civil War. This includes all causes of death, not just combat.

The number of Union soldiers that died from disease during the American Civil War is 250,152.

Approximately 620,000 soldiers and an undetermined number of civilians died in the American Civil War.

they died during the civil war. how rude

Soldiers in the US Civil War died mostly from disease and poor hospital care in hospitals. The remainder died during the many battles between the North and the South.

it's about 125.000 Russians was killed during the Russian civil war

It is estimated that 620,000 people died during the Civil War. It was the bloodiest battle ever fought on U.S. soil.

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