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Q: Who discover Soulja Boy?
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Who sings in the song 'Soulja Girl'?

SOULJA BOY SOULJA BOY soulja boy soulja boy and I-15

Why is Soulja Boy called Soulja Boy?

Soulja Boy is Soulja boy because he has a talent and a passion.

What was the Soulja Boy joke?

There are no Soulja Boy jokes.

Does Soulja Boy know you?

soulja boy i lov3 you

Who does Soulja Boy date?

who does soulja boy go out with

Is Soulja Boy a girl?

No that is why his name is soulja boy!

Where was Soulja Boy raised at?


What religion is soulja boy?

Soulja Boy is Christian.

Who is richer Soulja Boy or birdman?

soulja boy

Where was Soulja Boy raised?


Who sang Soulja Boy?

Soulja boy is now the title of the song you are thinking of. Soulja Boy is the artist who sings it. The song is either Crank Dat or Soulja Boy Tell'em.

Did Soulja Boy tell em change his stage name to Soulja Boy or is it still Soulja Boy tell em?

He used to be Soulja Boy but changed his name to Soulja Boy Tell Em due to a rapper already having the name Soulja Boy. Check out Materialistic B*tch by Trill Fam...first verse is the original Soulja Boy.

Who is hotter Soulja Boy or Chris Brown?

soulja boy

What is the Soulja Boy CD called?

soulja boy tellem

Is Soulja Boy alive?

Soulja Boy is still alive.

Who does Soulja Boy?

Soulja boy is De'Andre Cortez Way.

Who is old is Soulja Boy?

Soulja boy is 19 as of 2009.

Who was crank that Soulja Boy by?

It was by Soulja boy Tell Em

Who is richer Soulja Boy or chris brown?

soulja boy

Who has more money Soulja Boy or tyga?

soulja boy

When was Soulja Boy created?

Soulja Boy was created in 2004.

What is the history of Soulja Boy dance?

The Soulja Boy dance is very popular in the rap community. The Soulja Boy dance was made famous in 2007 when Soulja Boy released the song Crank That.

Who killed Soulja Boy?

Nobody killed Soulja Boy. As of 2009, Soulja Boy is currently alive.Nobody killed 'im.

Which new boy is related to Soulja Boy?

Niether one of them is related to Soulja Boy.

What should you do if you want to be Soulja boy?

Nothing because there is only one soulja boy and he is the best and no one can become soulja boy no one can change who he is so whoever put this question you cant do anything because soulja boy is soulja boy and you cant do anything do be him.