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James Cook sailed along and mapped the east coast Australia in 1770, which he named New South Wales for his country Great Britain.

Further details:

However, Cook by no means discovered Australia, nor was he even the first Englishman to land on its shores. That was done by William Dampier in 1688, and his opinions of Australia ("New Holland" as it was then known) were less than complimentary.

Aborigines had been in Australia for thousands of years, and Malay and Macassan traders had been landing on the far northern coast, collecting sea slugs to trade with China, for many years.

Willem Jansz/Janszoon was a Dutchman who was seeking new trade routes and trade associates. He became the first recorded European to step foot on Australia's shores on the western shore of Cape York Peninsula, on 26 February 1606. However, he believed the Cape to be part of New Guinea, from whence he crossed the Arafura Sea.

In 1616, Dutch sea-captain Dirk Hartog sailed too far whilst trying out Henderik Brouwer's recently discovered route from the Cape of Good Hope to Batavia, via the Roaring Forties. Reaching the western coast of Australia, he landed at Cape Inscription on 25 October 1616. His is the first known record of a European visiting Western Australia's shores.

First European to discover Australia was in 1606 by Willem Janszoon.

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Where was the emu discovered?

Being native to Australia alone, the emu was discovered in Australia.

Which South American explorer discovered Australia?

No South American explorer discovered Australia.To see who really discovered Australia, see the related question below.

Who Discovered Australia before Captian James Cook settled?

who discovered australia first

Who discovered Australia and claimed it?

Captain James Cook claimed and discovered Australia in 1779.

When where gum trees discovered?

When we discovered Australia.

Did the Dutch discover Australia?

The chinese were said to have discovered Australia and everybody thinks that Captian Cook discovered it but really the first people to discover Australia were the Dutch unless you incude the Aborigines in which case they discovered Australia first.

Why is Australia a commonwealth?

Because Australia was discovered by the British.

What was discovered in Australia in 1851?

Australia's first payable gold was officially discovered in Australia in May 1851.

Who discovered Australia before European settlement?

The aboriginals because they walked from Asia across Landbridges and discovered Australia.

When and by whom was Australia discoverd?

caption cooks discovered Australia

He was captain and discovered the eastern coast of Australia?

James Cook was a Lieutenant when he charted (not discovered) the east coast of Australia in 1770.

Did New Zealand discover Australia?

No, Australia discovered New Zealand.

When were Antarctica and Australia discovered?


What did the person who discovered Australia name it?

Dirk Hartog discovered the west coast of Australia in 1616 and called it New Holland. Lieutenant James Cook discovered the east coast of Australia in 1770 and called it New South Wales.

When did christopher Columbus discover Australia?

he never discovered australia, he mearly brought tobacco to australia

When was bauxite discovered in Australia?

Bauxite was discovered in 1950 at Gove, Northern Territory.

What ship discovered australia?

The ship that discovered Australia was called the Duyfken and came from Holland. This Dutch vessel sighted Australia's coast in 1606.

What was discovered in 1851 which led to a rapid increase in free men immigrating to Australia?

1851 was the year that the first payable gold was discovered in Australia.

Who is the explorer who discovered most of Australia in 1770?

No explorer discovered most of Australia in 1770. Australia had been "discovered" over 150 years earlier by the Dutch. However, Lieutenant James Cook (later Captain) charted the east coast in 1770.

What was the first dinosaur in Australia discovered?

The first dinosaur discovered in Australia was a small theropod. On 7 May 1903, geologist William Ferguson discovered the claw of the theropod at Cape Paterson in Victoria.

What year was Gold discovered in Australia?


What put Australia on the map?

When it was discovered by Europeans.

Who discovered the Pride of Australia?

Tom rox!

Where in the world have its fossils been discovered?

in Australia

Who discovered botany bay in Australia?

captainJames cook discoverd botany bay in Australia

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