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Edmond Halley

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What is the reason he is famous?

because he discovered halleys comet

How far is halleys comet away from the sun?

how did comet halleys get its name from

What did Edmund Halley invented?

he found halleys comet he found halleys comet

What is halleys comet made of?

Halleys comet is made of ice, dust, and gas.

Is halleys comet is a periodic comet?


Is halleys comet a star?

No. It's a comet.

When did halleys comet last come?

Halleys comet last came in 1986, it is expected again in 2061.

What is a famous comet?

The name of the most famous comet is Halleys Comet!

Which comet appears at an interval of 76 years?

Halleys comet

What is Halley's comet nicknamed?

whats halleys comet nicknames

What is the name of the most observed comet?

I think I has to be Halleys Comet

How big is halleys comet?


What size is halleys Comet?


How many times did halleys comet appear in the 20th century1901-2000?

halleys comet apeared twise in the 20th century

What are famous comet names?

the 2 famous comets are halebopps comet and halleys comet.

When was halleys comet discovered?

The first "certain" appearance of Halley's Comet is from 240 BC, in the Chinese chronicle Records of the Grand Historian or Shiji, which describes a comet that appeared "in the east and moved north".

Who was the finder of Halleys Comet?

The Founder of Halley's Comet was Edmond Halley.

When will Halley's comet next return?

halleys comet will return in 2061.

When is halleys comet coming back?


Information about Halleys comet?

edmond halley

What is the most famous comet on earth?


What color is halleys comet?

Halley's Comet is an orangy, redish, brownish colour.

What comet comes around every year?

I definitely know its not halleys comet

What does Halley's comet look like?

Halleys Comet is a most pretty thing i have seen.

What year does the next halleys comet come?

Halley's comet will next return in 2061.

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