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Jacques Cartier. Native Americans discovered it much earlier.

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Q: Who discovered Vermont?
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When was Vermont discovered?

in 1609 Samuele De Champlain was discovered

Who first discovered Vermont?

Jacques Cartier.

Who discovered snowflakes?

William Bentley of Jericho, Vermont rigged a camera to a microscope contraption of his in 1885 to examine snowflakes closely. His photographs were what credited him as being the amateur scientist who discovered that no two are ever alike.

How many states are in vermont?

Vermont is a U.S, state. Vermont is the only state in Vermont.

Where is The University of Vermont located?

The University of Vermont is located in the state of Vermont.

What is the exact location of Rutland Vermont?

Rutland, Vermont is located in southern Vermont.

Does Vermont have deserts?

Vermont has no deserts.

Where is University of Vermont?

Burlington, Vermont

What are the deserts of Vermont?

There are no deserts in Vermont.

What are some loan companies in Vermont?

Some loan companies in Vermont include the Vermont Loan Broker in Burlington, Vermont; the Home & Loan Center in Rutland, Vermont; and the New England Federal Credit Union in Williston, Vermont.

Which state is east of Vermont?

New Hampshire is on the eastern border of Vermont. New York is to the west of Vermont, along with Lake Champlain, and Massachusetts is to the south of Vermont. Canada is north of Vermont.

When was Vermont established?

Vermont became a state in 1791 it was know as Vermont since 1777

During the time of the thirteen colonies who controlled Vermont?

The Republic of Vermont controlled Vermont.

Where is the Vermont Country Store?

The Vermont Country Store has stores in Rockingham and Weston, Vermont

What is the area of Villers-Vermont?

The area of Villers-Vermont is 6,610,000.0 square meters.

How did Vermont get a state?

Vermont gained state status after the dissolving of the Vermont Republic in 1791.

Where is Vermont Technical College located?

Vermont Technical College is located in the state of Vermont.

What is the abbreviation for Vermont?

The two letter standard abbreviation for the state of Vermont is VT.VT is the abbreviation for Vermont.VTVT is the abbreviation for Vermont.

Where is the Vermont Public Library in Vermont located?

The address of the Vermont Public Library is: East 4Th And Main Streets, Vermont, 61484 0199

What is the capatol of Vermont?

Montpelier is the capitol of Vermont.

What is the largest city in Vermont?

Burlington, Vermont.

Is Vermont a state?

Yes, Vermont is a state.

Which is larger Delaware or Vermont?

Vermont is larger.

Is Delaware or Vermont larger in size?


Is Vermont a city?

In Melbourne Vermont is a suburb!