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The effects of static electricity were first discovered by the Greeks. In the sixth century BC the Greek philosopher Thales found that amber, when rubbed with fur, could attract little pieces of dry straw.

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Q: Who discovered how to make static electricity?
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Who discovered electricity not static electricity?

Albert Edison is the one who discovered electricity.

When was static electricity discovered?

i have no idea? i know that thales was the first to discover static electricity.

When was static electricity first discovered?

i have no idea? i know that thales was the first to discover static electricity.

Where was static electricity discovered?

in ancient greece

Who discovered static electricity and how?

It has been found that thomas r becket has been the discoverer of not only static electricity but also electricity.

Who was the greek philosopher that discovered static electricity?


How was static electricity discovered?

William Gilbert was bored and decided to invent something new. He found cords and stuff and invented static electricity

Who discovered static electricity?

The ancient Greeks. But a better answer is Michael Faraday.

How was electricity invetend?

Thales of miletus conducted first experiments on static electricity.Then we can say that it was he how discovered electricity

Who discovered electricity-?

It's very difficult to ascertain who discovered electricity because there have been discoveries about electricity going back thousands of years. Ancient Greeks discovered you could create a charge through static electricity.

What is constrast static electricity?

Static Electricity is Static Electricity, "Compare and 'Contrast static electricity' and current electricity" is a relevant question.

Can you convert electricity to static electricity?

static electricity is electricity.

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