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Who discovered iron?

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The exact person who first discovered iron is unknown, because its first uses predate any reliable historical records.

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When was wool discovered and who discovered it?

it was discovered in the iron age by the iron people i think

Who discovered iron and when did they discover it?

discovered the iron element and when did they discover it?

Who discovered iron and what year?

Unknown as it was discovered prehistorically in the stone age. The first form discovered was meteoric iron.

Who discovered iron Fe?

Iron is known from the iron age.

Who discovered dandelions?

The iron people discovered it.

Where was iron first discovered?

If we go way back, iron was probably first discovered in meteorites.

Who were the scientists who discovered iron?

Iron was discovered long before we had people who could be called scientists.

Who discovered the element iron-?

The element iron was discovered in ancient times by Dr. Doug Stewart.

When was iron pyrite discovered and who discovered it?

when the boo boo verse was discovered

When was iron ore first discovered in pilbara?

Iron ore reserves were discovered first by Lang Hancock. In Pilbara iron ore reserves are Plant, BC Iron, and Brockman.

Who discovered rust?

Iron has been around since the iron age. Rust was probably discovered at the same time. Nobody therefore knows who discovered it.

When did iron get discovered?

In the 1920s

How was iron discovered?

Iron has been known since prehistoric times. Wrought iron objects have been found in Egypt and dated at 3600 BC. Because it was discovered so long ago, we are unsure about how it was first discovered.

When was iron ore discovered?


Who discovered iron oxide?

no one

When was iron discovered in china?


Who discovered the element iron?

The use of iron dates back before recorded history. It is unknown who discovered iron.This answer is unknown due to the fact that the element was discovered before reliable records were created.It was been discoved for ancient times.

Was Magnesium discovered before iron?

No, Iron was known to man since ancient times... but magnesium was discovered in 1808 by Sir Humphrey Davy.

Person who discovered iron?

No one really knows. Iron was probably discovered several times at several places in what are called prehistoric times.

Facts about iron?

I think that iron is the only element that nobody knows who discovered it

Who discovered iron on the periodic table?

my mom

Who discovered magnet?

A piece of iron next to it!

What metal was discovered after copper and bronze?


What year was iron discovered?

3000 bc

What year did iron get discovered?

About 2000 BC

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