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Many people have discovered many types of lizards, Darwin being one. The name originates from the latin name lacertus.


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It depends on the type of lizard, on what year they were discovered

because most of the lizards have the same body system of the dragons which was alive millions of years ago but there fossils has been discovered you can buy {how to raise and keep a dragon} book and see sum dragons breeds N.B the {salamander} lizards is considered as a dragon

That is an impossible answer as lizards are still being found today. Central Australia hasn't been probably searched as its barren landscape and harsh climate has proved difficult to cope.

Lizards are not amphibians. Lizards are lizards. E.g Blue Tongue. Amphibians are animals like frogs. Lizards are reptiles.

Lizards aren't geckos, but geckos are lizards

no. but mole lizards eat lizards.

Yes but only other, same-sized lizards like other Cordylus lizards. Smaller lizards will be eaten.

Lizards eat anything they can handle, including smaller lizards. There are no lizards that have specialized feeding on other lizards, they catch smaller individuals only opportunistically. This is called cannibalism.

No, lizards are reptiles.NoNo lizards are reptilesNo. Lizards are reptiles. Salamanders look alot like lizards, but spend half their life in water which makes them an amphibian.

Lizards are not marsupials, which are a sub-group of mammals. Lizards are reptiles.

No because they are from different species of lizards

No, lizards are vertebrates.

what is a lizards enviroment

No. Lizards are reptiles.

They Ain't Lizards,They Are Reptiles.Some Scientists think that they were giant lizards but actually there was the spicies called lizards at that time

blue tongue lizards, frilled neck lizards... :P

Lizards are still around. The dinosaurs are extinct. Advantage lizards.

Some lizards are males and some lizards are females.

Spiders . Have eight legs .spiders are members of the arachnids invertebrate's .spiders eat lizards lizards .most lizards have four legs .lizards belong to the reptiles class of vertebrates . Some lizards eat plants

Mabey, the birds might eat the lizards or the lizards might eat the birds. If the lizards are big,old, and lazy, the birds and the lizards will get along. If the lizards are young kinda big and active the lizards and birds will be in a war of doom. so it depends how big the lizards are.

The possessive form of the plural noun lizards is lizards'.Example: The lizards' tracks went off in several directions.

Toads live in the forest. Lizards live in the desert. Lizards have tails toads do not.

Lizards and weasels sometimes eat eggs. Usually soft shell eggs are eaten like turtle eggs if they are discovered by the animal.

Monkeys, lizards, birds , parrots, toucans, bacteria, trees, mosquitoes, and many more scientists have and haven't discovered yet,...

where do lizards get there water from?

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