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Who discovered petroleum?

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Edwin Drake and Samuel

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When was petroleum discovered?


Where was petroleum discovered in India?


What is a change that happen since Sahara discovered petroleum?

The Sahara did not discover petroleum

Who discovered petroleum jelly?

The raw material for petroleum jelly was discovered in 1859 in Titusville, Pennsylvania, USA, on some of the country's first oil rigs.

When was it first discovered the petroleum?

um i don't know

Who discovered petroleum hydrocarbons?

Edwin Drake and Samuel

Who discovered octane?

In 1852 Sir Isaac Newton discovered octane. It was discovered right after the discovery of petroleum during the Industrial Revolution.

In what year was gasoline discovered?

Gasoline was not invented since it is a natural by-product of petroleum. It is produced through the distillation of crude petroleum.

Which island country in the Persian Gulf discovered oil?

Bahrain is the only island-country in the Persian Gulf and it has discovered petroleum.

In which Scandinavian nation have petroleum and natural gas recently been discovered?


Where is petroleum discovered in India last 2-3 years?

petrol been discovered in india over the past 2,3 years

Is there any evidence which show that Tanzania's land has petroleum in her soil?

yes there is... there is research conducted in Zanzibar ans some part of Tanzania main land and they have discovered petroleum

How many petroleum deposists are in Maine?

Maine does not have any oil deposits-well, at least no discovered oil deposits.

How was petroleum discovered?

Petroleum is believed to have, formed over a period of millions of years, from organisms that lived in the sea at that time. When these organisms died, their bodies settled on the seabed, and got covered with sand and clay. Over millions of years, heat and pressure changed the dead organisms into petroleum.

What do you mean by refining of petroleum?

petroleum refining is petroleum refining

What is the definition of petroleum free?

Something that contains no petroleum is petroleum-free.

Is petroleum a mineral why not?

Petroleum is not a mineral because a mineral is a solid and petroleum is not; it is a fuel.

Is petroleum a solid?

Petroleum is a liquid.

Is plastic made of petroleum?

plastic is made out of petroleum. The source for today's plastic is petroleum.

What has the author Norman J Hyne written?

Norman J. Hyne has written: 'Geology for petroleum exploration, drilling, and production' -- subject(s): Petroleum, Prospecting, Petroleum engineering, Geology 'Dictionary of petroleum exploration, drilling & production' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Petroleum, Petroleum engineering 'Nontechnical guide to petroleum geology, exploration, drilling, and production' -- subject(s): Prospecting, Petroleum, Petroleum engineering, Geology

What has the author A E Dunstan written?

A. E. Dunstan has written: 'The science of petroleum' -- subject(s): Petroleum engineering, Petroleum industry and trade 'Chemistry and the petroleum industry' -- subject(s): Petroleum

What is a petroleum geologist?

What ease petroleum geologist

What is Venezuela's major industry?

Petroleum Petroleum

What is petroleum a mixture of?

Petroleum is a mixture of hydrocarbons.

A sentence for petroleum?

petroleum is a science fact