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Who discovered the Bahamas?

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Christopher Coloumbus

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Who found the Bahamas?

Christopher Colombus discovered the Bahamas.

When was the Bahamas discovered?

October 12th, 1492

Which islands Christopher Columbus discovered?


What did christopher comlumbus discover?

He discovered the Bahamas.

In what year did Columbus discover the Bahamas Islands?

In the Year 1492 Columbus discovered the Bahamas Islands!

What terrritory did cristopher Columbus discovered?

Stories say he discovered the United states, but technically he discovered the Bahamas.

What are lucayans?

Lucayans were the first African bahamians on the island of the Bahamas before christopher columus discovered them and the Bahamas.

How many countries did christopher discover?

He discovered the Bahamas.

What island in the new world that he discovered first?


Jamaica was discovered by which Spanish explorer?

None of the Spanish Explorers discovered Jamaica, But Christopher Columbus discovered the Bahamas and claimed them for Spain-Not Jamaica.

What is the northern part of the continent that Christopher Columbus discovered?

He never was north. All of his voyages were in the Bahamas.

What are the group of islands that Columbus discovered on his first expedition?

he Will find the Bahamas

What explorer was before Magellan?

Columbus had discovered the Bahamas in 1492.

What famous discovery did Christopher Columbus make?

he discovered the Bahamas and Florida.

What did christphor Columbus discovered?

Christopher Columbus discovered the coast of South America. He also discovered the West Indies and Central America. He discovered the Bahamas, Cuba, and Haiti.

What place did christopher Columbus discover?

he discovered Cuba in the Bahamas. people say that he discovered America but he didn't really.

Is Cape Bonavista part of the Bahamas discovered by John Cabot?

1. John Cabot did not discover the Bahamas. 2. Bonavista is part of Newfoundland.

In 1492 who discovered some islands in the Bahamas and thought he had reached the indies?


What year did Columbus discover the Caribbean?

Christopher Columbus discovered the Bahamas in 1492.

Did christoper Columbus discover South America?

no, he discovered the Bahamas which is part of north America

What was the date when Columbus discovered the Bahamas?

nobody really knows people think it is 1492

Did Christopher Columbus discovered North America?

No, he found the Bahamas. The closest he got was Cuba.

Who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and discovered the Bahamas?

In 1492 when Christopher Columbus sailed to North America he never actually landed in it. When his ship hit shore on October 12 he was actually in the Bahamas. What he discovered was the areas around the Canary Islands.

What were the names of the countries that christopher Columbus had discovered?

Well, there were a few. He discovered the Bahamas, San Salvador, Cuba, and a small coast of South America.

What places did Christopher Columbus discovered?

christopher columbus discovered dominica, a small island in the Bahamas called san salvador which he renamed guahanari

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