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Who discovered the circulation of blood?

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AnswerIbn Al-Naphis (Ala al-Din Abu al-A'la Ali ibn Abi Hazm al-Quraishi) of Damascus, an Arab physician of the thirteenth century (1210-1288 CE), explained the basic principles of the modern theory of the lesser or PULMONARY circulation nearly three hundred and fifty years before Sir William Harvey of Kent, England, who is wrongly credited with this discovery.
This fact was acknowledged in 1957 by Professor Dr J B Latham of the University of Manchester at the tercentenary of the death of William Harvey (Sunday Times 9 June 1957).

He also stated that Ibn Al-Naphis had "recognised the fallacy of Galen's theory of invisible channels between the ventricles.

He similarly explained that blood was purified in the lungs where it was refined on contact with the air inhaled from the outer atmosphere. "It should not be assumed too readily that great discoveries were made only in Europe." (The Statesman, Calcutta, 11 June 1957).

Ibn Al-Naphis was the chief physician at the Al-Mansuri Hospital, Cairo, Egypt, where he practised and taught medicine and Muslim theology until his death at the age of 77. He wrote a book "Sharh al Qanun" in which he expounded the pulmonary circulation for the first time. This commentary was consulted by Ibn Al-Quff, a great scientist and contemporary of Ibn Al-Naphis.

All scholarly standards and historical fairness should accredit Ibn Al-Naphis as being the first to discover and illustrate the Pulmonary Circulation.

by: Dr Ibrahim Shaikh, Sun 14 October, 2001
William Harvey.
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When did William Harvey discover the blood circulation?

he discovered blood circulation in 1628.

What did William Harvey do?

He discovered the circulation of blood

Which was discovered before antibiotics?

the circulation of blood

Who discovered human blood circulation?

William Harvey

Who discovered the mechanic blood circulation?

Albert Einstein

Who discovered the circulation of blood vessel?

alessandra giliani

When did William Harvey describe the circulation of blood?

he discovered the circulation of blood been pumped around the body in 3 june 1657

Who discovered circulation of blood through the body?

William Harvey

What were some inventions by William Harvey?

He discovered the circulation of blood

Who discovered the circulation of blood starts at the heart?

william harvey

Who are the pioneers of blood?

The circulation of the blood was discovered by Sir William Harvey in England in about 1600.

What was discovered before antibiotics?

the circulation of blood, electricity, chromosomes, and gravity.

Who named the circulatory system?

Harvey discovered blood circulation, in 1682

Why was William harvey's work so important?

He discovered blood circulation

Which was discovered before antibiotics blood circulation electricity chromosomes or gravity?


What is the full name of William that discovered the blood circulation?

It's William Harvey.

For what is William Harvey known?

He studied blood circulation. He discovered that the heart and not the lungs circulated blood through the body.

What is william Harvey remembered for?

He discovered the circulation of the blood.He found the idea that blood was pumped around the body from the heart.

Who discovered the heart?

William Harvey was first to demonstrate the functions of the heart and the complete circulation of the blood,

What are the kinds of blood circulation?

The two kinds of blood circulation are pulmonary circulation and systemic circulation.

What are the 2 of blood circulation?

what are the 2 blood circulation?.

Who discovered circulation of blood in human body?

Sholes (Muhammad Wasim Rafi Library Assisstant UE Okara

William Harvey's invention?

William Harvey discovered the true nature of circulation of blood and the function of the heart as a pump.

List 15 names of biologist and their contribution to biology?

William Harvey- a British scientist who discovered blood circulation

What are the three types of blood circulation?

the three types of Blood Circulation are.Portal circulationPulmonary (Lesser) circulationSystemic (Greater) circulation