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Contributions of Archimedes in mathematics?

Archimedes discovered the concept of gravity with his levers and pulleys, his theory of displacement and invented the screw.

Answers to the foss tests levers and pulleys?


What are some simple mechines?

pulleys, wedges, levers.

What is the difference between levers and pulleys and wheel and axle?


What do levers and pulleys have in common?

cuz people r fat

How can levers and pulleys lift samples from other planets surfaces?

Because the same laws of physics apply everywhere in the universe, including all the other planets.

What are the 3 types of simple machines?

Pulleys, levers , and inclined planes

What ways can machine change the direction of the force?

pulleys, levers, pendulums

What simple machines were used in Egypt?

The inclined plane, levers, rollers, and pulleys.

A bicycle is a compound machine made up of which simple machines?

levers and pulleys

When were pulleys and levers invented?

They were invented a long time along time ago.

A device that changes the magnitude or direction of a force is a?

Pulleys and levers both change both.

What Machines were used to build the Roman Colosseum?

Pulleys and levers, and wedges. Answer: Simple machines

How was the Temple of Artemis built?

It was created by using pulleys and levers to hold the limestone, and marble for the pillars.

What are the differences and Similarties between Pulleys and Levers?

the similarities are that both of them are your dad and the difference are that one of them have a bigger

How where pullys and levers used to make the pyramids?

Pulleys and levers were used to transport and move materials when building the pyramids. These systems would raise materials off of the ground.

What six types of simple machines are levers wheels and axles?

The six simple machine types are levers, wheels and axles, pulleys, screws, wedges, and inclined planes.

What makes work easier for us?

Simple machines such as levers and pulleys can make work easier for us.

What are the categories of simple machines?

the categories are levers, wheel and axel , pulleys,wedges, inclined planes, and screws.

What are the different types of simple machines?

screws, levers, wedges, wheel & axles, incline plane, gears, pulleys

Some of the simplest machines are?

Ramps (which are also known as wedges), levers, and pulleys are simple machines.The answer you are looking for is Tools.

What are the examples of the simple machine which is called a inclined plane?

simple machine such as pulleys and levers make work easier

What type of advantage describes the ability of a machine to incresae output force?

Mechanical Advantage [achieved through levers or pulleys]

How did they lift the stones without pulleys or cranes?

Aliens They used levers, inclined planes (ramps) and lots of muscle power!

What are simple machines in your body?

Some simple machines include: your teeth- wedges arms- levers legs-levers finger nails- inclined planes elbow-lever knee-lever tendons- pulleys