Who discovered the zika virus?

The earliest journal reference I've been able to locate so far is an article in 1952:

Dick GW, Kitchen SF, Haddow AJ. Zika virus. I. Isolations and serological specificity. Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg. 1952;46:509-520

Which states: "

Zika virus was first isolated from a sentinel rhesus monkey placed in the Zika Forest near Lake Victoria, Uganda in April 1947."

By then the name was already established, but it doesn't say who first provided the name. It is possible that one of the authors of the 1952 paper might have been involved in the initial identification but that's, at best, a guess.

Researchers in 1947 found it in the Zika Forest but one person can be said to have found it. It was not thought to be infectious until 1964 when David Simpson was working with Zika strains in Uganda when he fell ill from the virus and published a study on his observations of the infection. The science community still had no idea how bad this virus could be.