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Fellow Red-eared Sliders.

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Q: Who do red eared sliders mate?
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Do red eared sliders mate in captivity?


How often will red eared sliders mate?

About 2 times a year.

How do red eared sliders mate?

Are you stupid? Everything mates. Do you mate? It would be hard for them to still be alive if they didnt have mini baby red eared sliders. Well are YOU stupid. you obviously can not read, the question is HOW DO THEY.

What season do red eared sliders mate?

Red eared slider mating generally occurs in the months of March and June.

How old do red - eared sliders have to be to mate?

between 2 and 5 years old

Are Red-eared sliders illegal in England?

No, red-eared sliders are not illegal in England.

Do mini red eared sliders exist?

yes, mini red eared sliders do exist

Can a painted turtle mate with a yellow bellied slider turtle?

No, but red eared sliders can breed with yellowbellieds.

How do red eared sliders have babies?

Red eared sliders, as well as all turtles and tortoises are egg layers.

Do red eared sliders eat minows?

Yes, red eared sliders eat minnows in the wild and in captivity.

Do red eared sliders float?


Are red eared sliders endangered?

no, they are not

Can red eared sliders mate with painted turtles?

I have researched the same question and I read that painted turtles can only procreate with other painted turtles. Red eared sliders and painted will try to have sex but cannot reproduce

Can red-eared sliders mate with yellow-bellied slider turtles?

Yes, red eared sliders and yellow bellied sliders are both subspecies of "pond slider", in the wild where their range overlaps they mate quite often producing what are called "intergrades". The particular intergrade between a yellow bellied slider and a red eared slider often has features of both, large yellow markings on the head with a red corner.

Can red eared sliders eat corn?

no and yes. Red Eared Sliders can eat corn but it is better if they eat greens.

Why do red-eared sliders shed?

red eared sliders shed the outer layer of there Shel and some skin when the grow

My two female red eared sliders keep doing the mating dance can there be lesbian red eared sliders?


My male red eared slider wants to mate with the female but she wont let him Why wont my red eared sliders mate?

Simply because she isn't in season ! She'll reject him until she's sexually receptive.

How often do red eared sliders lay eggs?

once a year ever breeding season if they find a mate

Can Red Eared Sliders be separated once together?

yes they can be separated because by nature, red eared sliders are solitary creatures.

Where do red eared sliders hibernate?

Wild Red Eared Sliders hibernate (brumate) in ponds or bodies of water at the bottom in the mud.

Can red eared sliders live in salt water?

No, red eared sliders can't live in saltwater. They are fresh water turtles.

Do all red eared sliders have red ears?

Yes, but there are other species of sliders that do not.

Are red eared sliders illegal to sale?


Do red eared sliders poop?