Who do you ask questions to?

You type your question and if it is unanswered someone or an expert can answer your question, or if you have a friend on Answers.com.

Anyone can answer a question on Answers.com if they sign up, so you are basically asking anyone.

You can think of this two ways:

1. You can ask the question to the site, to WikiAnswers


2. You can ask the questions to the members and unregistered users of WikiAnswers.

The first option might be easier. Often, question contributors on WikiAnswers expect an immediate answer to their question, and when it does not magically appear, they become frustrated or bored. This occasionally leads to vandalism of the site, which is not a good option.

Asking questions on WikiAnswers often requires patience. It can take time to get a custom answer for the question you ask. It is our desire to provide you with the best and most complete answer possible. To this end, we have hundreds of volunteer supervisors and Special Project Assistants patrolling the sight to clean up bad answers and to erase the signs of vandalism.

The secret is to give your question some time. If you begin to become impatient or frustrated, try searching the sight for different wordings for your question. You might be surprised what you find. If you are still frustrated, contact a supervisor or go to the Community Forum and search active threads there where there may be people who can answer your question, or questions about your question.

The entire Answers community! When you ask a question, anyone all over the world can answer. Some users are designated as Experts - this means that they have experience, education, and/or knowledge in that topic. Other users may answer as well though - even if they're not signed in.