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You have to pick up the Pokémon Egg that's in the PokéMart in Violet City then that person will end up moving.

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Where is route 214 in Pokemon heart of gold?

Route 214 isn't in Pokemon HeartGold.

Where do you get a growlithe?

On Pokemon Heart Gold on Route 37

What is the disguising for the tree Pokemon on route 36 in Pokemon heart gold?


How do you get strength in Pokemon Heart Gold?

A Hiker on Route 42

What route is professor Oak on in Pokemon heart gold?

Route 30 in Mr.Pokemons house

Where is the Pokemon darecare in heart of gold?

The Pokemon Daycare is on the route South of Goldenrod City.

On Pokemon HeartGold where's Route 24?

In Pokemon Heart Gold Route 24 Is In Kanto Around Cerulean City

Where do you find a mankey on Pokemon game heart gold?

You can find it in Route 42 and Route 9. Pokemon HeartGold only.

Where is route 23 in Pokemon Gold version?

There is no route 23 in Pokemon gold but if you mean heart gold it is the north exit of indigo plateau south exit of route 22 and west exit of victory road.

Where can you find misty in Pokemon Heart Gold?

On the bride on route 25

What route is the six pack on in Pokemon heart gold?

its somewhere in kanto.................

In Pokemon Heart gold there is a red exclamation above route 15 in kanto what does it mean?

That means a person registered in your pokeGear who hangs out at route 15 is waiting to battle you.

How to get venamoth in Pokemon heart and gold version?

You can get a Venomoth at Route 24 or Route 25 in the Kanto region.

Were to get Ditto in Pokemon HeartGold?

In Pokemon Heart Gold, Ditto can be found at route 34, route 35, and route 47 in Johto and Celurean Cave in Kanto.

Where to find the power plant on Pokemon heart gold?

South of Route 9

Where to find TM 14 blizzard in Pokemon heart gold?

Route 12

Where is the best place to catch growlithe in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Route 36-37

Where is MAREEP and what time does it come out in Pokemon Heart Gold?

It comes out anytime on Route 32

Where is Route 25 in Pokemon Heart Gold?

go up from cerulean city and you are on on route 24 then when you get to the top you go right and you are on route 25!

What is the beat route to get shiny Pokemon on heart gold?

There is no best route. It's all dependent on chance when you meet a shiny.

Where can you get a growlithe in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Just run around in the grass in route 37. You can also go to route 48.

How do you find teddiusa in heartgold?

You can't find Teddiursa in Pokemon Heart Gold but in Pokemon Soulsilver, you can catch at Route 45

How do you get darkriy in Pokemon heart gold in Pokemon heart gold?

It's Darkrai. You can't get him in Heart Gold.

Where is mr Pokemon in heart gold?

mr. Pokemon is smack at the top of route 30 (north of cherrygrove town), but just south of route 31. he is in the house with a mailbox beside it.

How do you get the deep sea tooth in Pokemon heart gold?

It's on Route 20 (use the Dowsing Machine).