Who do you go to the bathroom with?

You don't need to go to the bathroom with someone, But if you need help, Or are scared, Or have any issue or problems, Then yes, You can go to the bathroom with someone. Make sure to not go to the bathroom with a stranger, Only someone you know. Usually this might happen at a mall. Or a restraunt. In any case, If this does happen, Say "Sorry, Here, You can go in this bathroom." And walk to a bathroom that is open. Watch out, If the stranger ask's a question/question(s) Don't answer them, Just say "Sorry, But i don't wanna answer that question" Step away from them and go somewhere else. Make sure you don't say "Oh, Theres someone waiting for me though, I got to go." This makes them wanna take you. But if you want someone to go to the bathroom with you, Then ask someone you know. This is usually when you need help. The person you asked that you know should then come into the bathroom/stall with you and ask what you need help with. If you don't need help, They'll say, Want me to stay in here with you, Or go? I can always wait for you. But if you do need help, They should help you. Never go to the bathroom with someone you don't know. Don't go to a bathroom with poo, Pee, Or toilet paper in it, As it could be someone nasty who didn't flush when they left.