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Who do you think should hold the consecutive win record?

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2004-09-08 13:01:43
2004-09-08 13:01:43

The actual fact would be, that the Giants had not been defeated for 26 straight games, surely a feat that is quite a task to match. If you reversed it, and made it losses, and the Giants had not been able to win in 26 tries, even though they tied one, they still did not win, and the Cubs came close by losing 21...... We wouldn't tag the Cubs with the worst losing streak because the Giants almost won a game.

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The Dallas Cowboys from 1966 to 1985 (20 seasons) hold the record for most consecutive winning seasons.

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Eric Gagne holds the most consecutive save with 84 from 2002- 2004 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Heck of a stat to hold the record of.

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Most consecutive games played at 2,632 Most consecutive innings played at 8,243

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