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A lawyer...only and always.

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Q: Who do you turn to for repossession advice on your home.?
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What is willing repossession?

a voluntary repossession is where you turn over the vehicle instead of us having to come get it from you.

Can i sue the bank for wrongful repossession?

You need proper lawful advice from a lawyer.

Where can you find repossession advice?

Repossession is typically an action that a lender may perform when the individuals/groups that they have money or goods to have not compensated them after a set amount of time. The best places to go for repossession advice would be the local legal authorities, such as the police, or the nearest bank if they are also known to repossess property.

Can a repossession man come inside work and harass you?

The repossession man must obey the laws pertaining to the country in which you live. If you need help or advice, contact an attorney (a lawyer).

If you have a voluntary repossession can they take your home?

NO, they can attach a lien to be paid FIRST if/when the home is sold.

Manufactured home repossession law in state of Oregon?

repossess manufactured home in oregon

What do you do if you have asked the lender to allow you to make partial payments but they refused and are threatening repossession?

You can expect repossession. As for advice: don't keep anything in your car that you don't want to haul out in a garbage bag at 2 AM.

What is a repossession order used for?

In a repossession order, a lender can repossess one's home if the court approves and grants permission. The judge could either set the case aside or give a repossession order.

What sort of DVDs can be used for old home videos?

There are a lot of different websites that offer advice on how to turn old home movies and videos into a DVD form. I would check into some of them and see which one offers the best advice.

What are the laws in Michigan on manufactured home repossession?

If a borrower defaults on loan payments for a manufactured home in Michigan, the creditor can take the manufactured home. If the manufactured home is real property the repossession and foreclosure is on the manufactured home alone. If the home is being used for residential purposes, the home is repossessed according to personal property laws.

How long does it take to repossess a home?

To answer your question simply, a repossession order will typically be a 60 day repossession order. If however you do not contest the repossession or don't turn up to the hearing it is more likely to be a 30 day repossession order. However, you are not clear if you have even received a notice of intended court action or a court date. There is no hard, fast, rule which states when each lender will start repossession proceedings, they can be after just 1 missed payment - the average is between 2 and 3 missed payments. This answer above has been copy & pasted from which is a UK site So if you are from outside the UK it may be different...

Where do most Americans turn to get advice?

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