Who documented the funeral oration of Pericles and the history of the war between Athens and Sparta?

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Thucydides did the first part up to 411 BCE, Xenopon covered the rest to 404 BCE.
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Why did Athens and Sparta go to war?

Peloponnesian War "The Spartans voted that the treaty had been broken, and that war must be declared, not so much because they were persuaded by the arguments of the allies, as because they feared the growth of the power of the Athenians, seeing most of Hellas already subject to them" Book One, Ch ( Full Answer )

What was the war between Athens and Sparta called?

The war between Athens and Sparta was the Peloponnesian War. the ancient Greeks called it the war between Athens and its alliesand Sparta and its allies. The word Peloponnesian was used because the alliance led by Spartaagainst the Athenian empire was the Peloponnesian alliance, as mostof the cit ( Full Answer )

Did Athens or Sparta win the war?

The Peloponnesian League led by Sparta defeated the Athenian empireafter 27 years of war in 404 BCE in what we today call thePeloponnesian War.

What war did Athens and Sparta fight?

Athens and Sparta fought against each other in the Peloponnesianwar. The war lasted from 431 to 404 BCE. Thucydides wrote adetailed account of the war.

How long was the war between Sparta and Athens?

Answer . The competition of the two powers of the Ancient Greek world was on going for centuries. The longest faught war though was the Peloponnesian war [term given later by the historians] which started at 431 and ended at 404 BCE ans caused the deaths of many including Pericles son and later h ( Full Answer )

What happened during the war between Sparta and Athens?

The Athenian alliance had the upper hand for the first two decades because of its naval superiority and using that amphibious capability to project its power around the Mediterranean littoral. When Persia then began to provide funds to the Spartan alliance, the Spartan alliance was able to build up ( Full Answer )

Why did Sparta declare war on Athens?

Fear - They feared that the rise of Athenian power would consume them - weighing the balance of power as it existed at the time, and what they saw as Athens continued rise in power - the window of opportunity to win a war against them was closing - in the end, they went to war because they feared th ( Full Answer )

What war was between Sparta and the Athens?

The Peloponnesian war which stared at 431 BCE and lasted until 404 BCE. The Spartans won this war but could not exploit the benefits of their victory as they were too weak to re establish the state and the power they once had.

What is Pericles argument in his Funeral Oration?

That Athens had the resources necessary to defeat the PeloponnesianLeague and would win if the Athenians organised their empire andits resources, and kept their nerve.

What was the war between Sparta and Athens about?

Athens had established an empire based on the anti-Persian league it led. It became more and more intrusive on neighbouring cities of the Peloponnesian League led by Sparta, went too far, and war ensued.

When was the war of Athens and Sparta?

There were several wars in which they were on opposite sides, and some where they were on the same side. The main one was the Peloponnesian War between the Peloponnesian League and Athenian Empire 431-404 BCE .

Good info about the war between Athens and Sparta?

The war was called the peloponnesian war. The wikipedia page has very acurate info. The book of the Athenian historian Thucydides History of the Peloponnesian War is the main source of information.(there are many good translations)

What caused the peloponnesian war between Athens and Sparta?

Athens, with the resources of its alliance/empire, and its active spirit, was determined to get its own way, and was naturally adventurous and aggressive in achieving it. Sparta, with the Peloponnesian League which it had formed as a counterbalance, was conservative and unwilling to go to war, bu ( Full Answer )

Wars of the Sparta and Athens?

the only war between Athens & Sparta is the pelioponnesion war where Sparta fought Athens because they thought they were too powerful. in the end Athens surrendered and Sparta then became the most powerful.

How did the Athens Sparta war start?

It came to a head when Athens tried to destroy economically Megara, an ally of Sparta. The Peloponnesian League led by Sparta demanded this stop, Athens refused. War ensued.

Why did the war start between the Athens and Sparta?

Athens had formed an empire from its allies in the war against Persia. After this war was over it persisted in interfering in the affairs of other cities hich formed themselves into their own league to oppose it. Continuing pressure of Athens brought on the war when Athens refused to back away fr ( Full Answer )

What were the differences between Athens and Sparta?

Athens woman had to stay home and tent to the housework and chores. Spartan girls and woman were trained to be tough so they would have tough babies. The spartan women went to school and Sparta believed in sports instead of academics. Athenian women had to stay home however Athens was very enhanced ( Full Answer )

What were similarities between Athens and Sparta?

There were no similarities. In Athens there was Democracy while in Sparta the was Oligarchy. In Athens women didn't have any priviledges, while in Sparta women were allowed to do almost anything men did.

Who documented the funeral oration of pericles?

Pericles wrote the speech as a sort of standard Eulogy for war heroes who died in the defense of (Greek) Democracy. It opens: Our form of government... In some ways it can be compared to the Gettysburg Address of Lincoln. It was performed by Pericles, NOT a memorial address for him, posthumously, yo ( Full Answer )

How is pericles funeral oration relevant to modern day democracy?

It was argued in my history class the Oration, which was evidentally standardized for all war memorial observances, bears some resemblance to the famous Gettysburg Address of Abraham Lincoln. Both have Political overtones. Both are related to War losses. If I recall correctly the Periclean eulogy st ( Full Answer )

What happed in the Athens and Sparta war?

Peleponnesian War was a 27 year war ending with Sparta victor over Athens. War broke out when Athens sought to expand and allied with Corcyra that was a colony of Corinth. Sparta and Corinth were already allies and Sparta saw this as a military aggression. Athens at the time was lead by Pericles who ( Full Answer )

How did pericles persuade Athens to go to war?

He told them that Athens and its empire was stronger than the Peloponnesian League. While Athens had plenty of money from its empire, the Peloponnesians had no such east money to finance a war; the Athenian navy was stronger - the Peloponnesians were farmers, not sailors; that Athens' fortificati ( Full Answer )

Was the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta?

The Peloponnesian War was between Athens and Sparta. It was after the great Persian war, when Athens and Sparta worked together to defeat Persia. The Peloponnesian War was started because Sparta feared Athens may dominate them one day. There was a big battle between them, lasting for many years, but ( Full Answer )

Who was the best at war Athens or Sparta?

Sparta won some, lost some. Athens won some, lost some. As a generalisation, Sparta was better on land, Athens on sea, though both had their successes in the other environment. By the end of the Peloponnesian War, both cities' military power was on the wane, after the losses of the previous ( Full Answer )

What was the nature of the rivalry between Athens and Sparta that led to war?

Athens had turned the Greek anti-Persian League it led into an empire after peace was made with Persia. Buoyed up by its dominant fleet financed by the empire, and its impregnable walls, it interfered in the affairs of cities of the Peloponnesian League led by Sparta. This came to a head when it ( Full Answer )

What was Pericles funeral oration?

After the first year of the 27-year Peloponnesian War he addressedthe people at the funeral of the casualties of that year, making ita rallying call and encouragement to persist. Pericles later diedfrom the plague which swept Athens and so was not there to lead theeffort he called for in the oration ( Full Answer )

What points were made in Pericles' funeral oration?

That they could win the war with the Peloponnesian League which hehad precipitated, and that the widows of the war dead should stopmourning, and he undertook the state would help with the raising ofthe children of the war dead.

What did Pericles do to prepare Athens for war?

He persuaded them to stay inside the city walls rather than riskdefeat by the stronger Peloponnesian forces in the open in anattempt to stop their fields being ravaged. The long walls, whoseconstruction he had supervised over the previous two decades, alsoprovided protected access to the sea, and so ( Full Answer )

Why was Pericles' funeral oration written?

It is the written record of a morale-boosting address he gave asencouragement to the people of Athens at the end of the first yearof what was obviously going to go on for a long costly time. The funeral was for the war dead of that first year, and he didn'twant the people to have any ideas of makin ( Full Answer )

Why did Sparta and Athens go to war?

Athens turned the Delian League which it led against the PersianEmpire into an empire of its own, and became overconfident of itspower, After several actions, Athens tried to ruin Megara, acity-state member of the Spartan-led Peloponnesian League. Megaraappealed to Sparta, Sparta demanded the Athens ( Full Answer )

How did rivalry between Athens and Sparta lead to the Peloponnesian War?

There was not rivalry. Sparta, although militarily powerful, wasusually reluctant to go to war. Athens, overconfident with thepower it gained from its empire, was aggressive and interfered inthe affairs of other cities. Sparta appealed to Sparta to back offwhen it tried to bankrupt Megara, a member ( Full Answer )

Was Athens successful with its conflict with Sparta after Pericles died?

Athens started in a strong position, with walls to the port toensure import of food under siege. It could also send out itssuperior fleet to harass opponents in their hoe cities. However aseries of disasters hit Athens - plague, loss of its force initsSyracusian adventure etc, so its military streng ( Full Answer )

What was the relationship of Athens and Sparta after the war?

They continued their longstanding friendly and supportiverelationship. Then Athens sent a contingent to help Sparta put downan uprising by its serf population, however the Athenians startedto sympathise with the serfs and Sparta sent them home. Relationscollapsed and they became hostile to each othe ( Full Answer )