Who does Harrison Ford play in Star Wars?

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Who plays Luke in Star Wars?

The role of Luke Skywalker has been played by both Aidan Barton and notably by Mark Hamill .

Who is Harrison Ford?

Harrison Ford is an actor and can be found on Indiana Jones! . He is a Male, White, 65 year old Actor who is famous for his roles in Star Wars, and Indiana Jones.

Who plays anakin in Star Wars?

In " The Phantom Menace ," he is played by Jake Lloyd. In " Attack of the Clones " and " Revenge of the Sith ," he is pleayed by Hayden Christensen. In " Return of the Jedi ," he was played by Sebastian Shaw (but in the 2004 re-release, Hayden Christensen replaced the Force ghost of Anakin.) In the ( Full Answer )

Who played the droids in Star Wars?

Anthony Daniels played C3PO & Kenny Baker was R2D2. Daniels still plays C3PO but R2D2 is now either portrayed viaanimation or remote controlled.

How much did Harrison Ford get paid for Star Wars?

He asked to get a share in royalties for everything relating to the movies!! As it was low budget, they jumped at that offer! Best business decision Ford will EVER make!! Made countless monies on royalties

Who played Chewbacca in Star Wars?

Peter Mayhew played Chewbacca in Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope, Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back, and Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi.

How do you play 'Star Wars' on the keyboard?

Here's a few sites that let you download sheet music for Star Wars music: http://www.musicnotes.com/features/promo/starwars/ http://download-sheet-music-online.com/star-wars.html http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/s?q=star+wars There is also a slew of music books dedicated solely to Star W ( Full Answer )

How old was Harrison ford in Star Wars?

Harrison Ford was born July 13, 1942. Star Wars was made in 1977 so he was 35 when it was released. Figure he was probably 31 or 32 when shooting began.

How do you play Star Wars on the piano?

RIGHT HAND: DDD GB__ (go higher on the scale now too.) DCBA gD DCBA gD CBCA LEFT HAND: GBD__ REPEAT 2 times. P.S Lowercase means go higher up on the scale. P.P.S If I write the notes directly under each other it means play at the same time.

Before Harrison ford who was picked to play han solo?

Kurt Russell , Nick Nolte , Christopher Walken , Jack Nicholson , Al Pacino , Chevy Chase , Steve Martin , Bill Murray and Perry King were all candidates for the role of Han Solo, as George Lucas wanted to stay away from any actors he had previously used in his films. Harrison Ford (wh ( Full Answer )

Who played in Star Wars?

Anakin (Ep I)-Jake Lloyd; Anakin (Eps II, III)-Hayden Christensen; Qui-Gon-Liam Neeson; Obi-Wan-Ewan McGregor; Padme-Natalie Portman; Luke-Mark Hamill; Leia-Carrie Fisher; Han-Harrison Ford; Vader-David Prowse. Yes, I know there's a BUNCH of other characters, but hey--I mentioned most of the import ( Full Answer )

How do you play Star Wars with a viola?

First, play OPEN on the D string. Then, play a D on the A string. Play an OPEN on the A string, then go down. G on the D string, F on the D string, and E on the D string. Then, a D on the A string. Then it gets tricky. D on the A, G on the D, F on the D, and then back up to G on the D. Then, just an ( Full Answer )

How do you play Star Wars?

This is an impossible question to answer as there are infinite ways to answer this question. Please return with a specific Star Wars game you are trying to play.

Who played Yoda out of Star Wars?

Frank Oz was the puppeteer in Episodes I,V, and VI. He also was always his voice (in the films).. No it was Badass frank!!

Who played chewbaca in Star Wars?

Peter Mayhew played Chewbacca in Star Wars episodes III, IV, V, VI, the holiday special, among other appearances.

Which movie was Harrison Ford in before Star Wars?

Harrison Ford was in several movies prior to Star Wars; including "A Time for Killing"; "Journey to Shiloh"; "The Intruders"; and "American Graffiti". he also made appearances on various TV shows including: "The Virginian"; "Ironside"; "Mod Squad"; "The FBI"; and "Gunsmoke".

How do you play Star Wars miniatures?

alot like d&d in the respects of the die rolling a d20 to break armor and then the miniture's attack dmg subtracts from the target's health

How do you play Star Wars online?

If you wanted to play star wars online then go on to google then tipe star war games online then click on the won you want to play and there you go

How do you play Star Wars The Force?

Star wars TFU is based on the story between episode 3 and episode 4. It is about Darth Vader's apprentice's name is not yet told). Darth Vader wants it to be secret, so, as much as he is killing Rebels and Jedi for Vader, he is also killing the Empire, (Stormtroopers,Snowtroopers,workers and vehicle ( Full Answer )

Who played Ben in Star Wars?

In the original saga it was Alec Guiness and in the newer movies it was Ewan Mcgregor.

Where can you play Star Wars battlefront2?

It may or may not still be played at the Star Wars conventions in the United States, however with the rapidly expanding industry of star wars games, it seems unlikely that Star Wars Battlefront II will still be played at these conventions. It is still possible to buy it from amazon and ebay, so try ( Full Answer )

Who played Star Wars?

If you mean who played in Star Wars, several people did. But the well-known actors/actresses are: . Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker . Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia . Harrison Ford as Han Solo . Anthony Daniels as C-3PO . Kenny Baker as R2-D2 . James Earl Jones as the voice of Darth Vader . P ( Full Answer )

How do you play star wars on the oboe?

The piece is in "Team Woodwind" for Oboe but the notes are a follows on paper:. GG C G FEG C G FED C G FEF D GGG C G FED C G FED C G FEF D GG A AFEDC CDE DA B.. This is very hard to read so I sugest that you get the book on Amazon or Ebay in the related links..

How do you play Star Wars on paino?

DDD G D CBA G D CBA G D CBC A DD G D CBA G D CBA G D CBC A. Then to the next part: DD E E CBAG GAB AE F# DD E E CBAG F/D D/F#/A DD E E CBAG GAB AE F# DD GFEflatDCBflatAG F#/A/D Then repeat the first bit of the first part to the second G D, then play GFEflat G/highBflat D/F#/A B/D/G GGG G. ( Full Answer )

Who played ewok in Star Wars?

The Ewoks were played by miniature people. The one that Leia meets was played by Warwick Davis

Who played the Star Wars twins?

If you mean who played both Luke and Leia as infants in Revenge of the Sith , they were played by Aidan Barton, the son of editor Roger Barton