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Who does Joe Jonas have a crush on?


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July 25, 2010 2:41AM

Well,Joe loves Demi Lovato,Miley Cyrus,Selena Gomez,Talor Swift,Emily Osment,and Hannah Montana.But he is sad because he can't pick witch girl to be his girlfriend and if he picks one,then the other ones will be sad.He asked his friend every day,but the keep saying that they do not know because they all think they are all cute.So,to make him feel better,he goes to the pool,hangs out with his friends,or have his fans come over.But if he picks any other girl,he will have to go to jail.So if your a teenager and hot and pretty,do not ask him out or he'll have to go to jail because of you,and you will be in big troble.Sure,he's a pop star and he has a lot of fans.But if he goes to jail,Nick and Keven will be so sad that there best brother is gone and they will never,ever,ever get to make a new song,and that is very,very sad,right?I feel bad for Joe because he will have to chose between 6 cute girls.He does not want to tell those girls.Also,if you want to know his phone number,you can never find out.But you can know where he lives:L.A. California.Even if you look in yellow pages,you not gonna find it,or else he'll have a lot of phone calls and texts.If you find his phone number online,it's not true.They are just makeing the phone number up.Well,see you later.And again my name is Rebeca.Bye.