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His "Baby, baby, baby, ohhhhhhhhhhh!"

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โˆ™ 2011-03-10 03:07:32
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Q: Who does Justin bieber love a lot and who is he dating?
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Is Justin Bieber a Girl magnet?

A lot of girls love Justin Bieber and a lot hate him. So kinda

Does a lot of girls like Justin Bieber?

Yes, lots of girls love Justin Bieber.

Is justin bieber dating a lot of girls?

No, clearly he is only dating me! So back off! and leave him alone! Thanks(:

Is bianca shaw dating Justin Bieber?

yes No they aren't dating! Justin said that he is single in a lot of interviews and Bianca said she wasn't dating him herself in a video on youtube!

Is justin Bieber's audence just teenagers?

not necessarily i know a lot of much younger and much older people who love justin bieber

Was Justin bieber dating Caitlin beadles?

Actually yes Justin Bieber was dating Caitlin beadles but he broke up with her because of him traveling a lot he tolld her that he just couldn't have a girlfrien that if he did he wanted to spend all the time he could with her.

Has Justin Bieber's vioce broken?

I don't think so. I mean, i love Justin bieber, hes hott and an amazing singer, but when it breaks it'll be a lot better :)

I love Justin bieber a lot. why do you hate me a lot.?

To Taylor swift you are the best and you look beutiful

How meany people love Justin Bieber?

A lot it's to much for anyone to count

What kind of a girls Justin Bieber?

No not now ( 2011) but i heard from a couple of interviews on TV with Justin bieber that he is dating Disney star Selena Gomez, plus i saw a lot of pics of them 2 together and kissing

What is a lot of information about Justin Bieber?

JUSTIN BIEBER is a great great guy who has a magical voice who knows usher his girlfriend is SELENA GOMEZ .I'm a Belieber and i love him so much JUSTIN BIEBER he is REALLY SEXY and CARE about his beliebers(fans)

Does Justin Bieber like Lebanon?

i dont now but there is a lot fans on lebanon to bieber i love him i now many songs for him love u love u i wish that u love lebanon fans

Do everyone love Justin Bieber?

well, some haters are jealous.. but mostly he has A LOT of fans.

How many girls like Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber?

A lot of people including me I love them :)

Why does steel lack on odor?

I TRIED TO ANSWER this question a lot of times... i have no idea. I LOVE Justin bieber

Has Justin bieber ever had a smooch?

Well he had kissed a lot of girls... i would love him to kiss me but never gunna happen i love u Justin never say never

Do a lot of people hate Selena Gomez?

Yes alot of girls and boys don't like her because she is dating Justin bieber

What is the outreach of Justin Bieber?

Justin bieber outreach is:Justin plans to be involved in charity work since his family didn't have a lot of money when he was younger ''it's definitely a passion of mine to help others who are less fortune" he said that...............haha!!!! always love you Justin bieber...............

What is Justin bieber new song 2010?

love me its the best song out of all his songs and has A LOT of songs

Who dances better Justin Bieber or Chris Brown?

Chris Brown and Justin Bieber are both very talented people and dancers but as much as i love Justin. Chris is a lot better. if you look at his dance moves in some of his songs you will see.

Does Justin Bieber miss his mom?

Yes Justin bieber does miss his mommy a lot

Does justin bieber love drinking water?

He used to like to drink Vitamin water a lot. I do not know if he still does or not.

Why do girls think Justin Bieber is hot?

I think most girls like Justin Bieber because he is a guy every girl hopes of dating. Not only is he cute, he is fit, looks like a lot of fun but also through his lyrics he knows how to treat a girl right. He looks like a sweetheart and that is why most girls think Justin Bieber is hot . I'm a proud Belieber and I'm also in love with a famous 14 year old named Daniel Peter cause he's as hot as Justin Bieber and looks the same and with the same voice, and singing voice as Justin!

Does Justin bieber eat a lot?

Justin bieber eats at the apropriate amount for a growing boy

How many hits does justin bieber have on youtube?

A lot of hits! Justin Bieber is the cutest popstar.