A Christmas Carol

Who does Scrooge fall in love with in 'A Christmas Carol'?


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Scrooge's Love : Ebeneezer Scrooge, when he was a young man, was in love with Belle whom he had planned to marry, but it didn't quite work out that way. Scrooge, who grew up with nothing, wanted to provide well for Belle; somewhere along the way became greedy and avaricious, which in turn alienated Belle and caused her to break the engagement. She told him that "aother idol had take its place in his heart, a golden one".

His distance from his father who blamed him for his mothers death, the isolation he found in being in boarding school without time with a family and seeing that the only way to show success in his fathers eyes was to be business successful. This caused him to be very business focused. Money was the only way to show "success". He saw those with money like Mr Fizziewigg go bankrupt and decided that this was not the way he would see himself.