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Q: Who does not believe in hobos?
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Why are hobos...hobos?

Hobos are Hobos because they don't have a home or sufficient money to buy a home. and because they are hobos

What is the study of squirrels called?

squirrelology i believe or a Squirrelologist (ima hoboologist the study of HOBOS)

Do hobos rock?

Yes, yes they do. And you better believe it, or billy the square will steal your cookies!!

What is the plural for hobos?


Are there hobos in pairs?

there are hobos everywhere!

How much do hobos make?

hobos, they make my feet feel fine, hobo's, they make a dollar 99 hobos, i love my hobos, i love my hobos because they are cheap!

Where can you find hobos?

you can find hobos on the street... especially in Ogden, Utah!!! There is alot of hobos there!

Where did hobos eat?

at "south side hobos"

How many hobos Are named Sebastien?

300 hobos

What do hobos smell like?

Umm... like hobos?

You do girls not love hobos?

because hobos r gross

How any hobos are on Mars?

hobos any on mars, yes.

Do hobos use math?

no they never learned it if they r hobos

How were hobos made?

Hobos are normal human beings, but ended up not being able to afford a home so they are hobos.

Can hobos live in Antarctica?

if your really smart yes, crackhead hobos = no

What plants grow in milford?

Hobos and Aliens. The then Breed and have Hobos Aliens.

What did hobos carry in there suitcase?

Hobos do not have suitcases, therefore they are poor and homeless.

Do hobos get presents from Santa?

Usually, hobos do not get presents from Santa. Santa brings presents to children and hobos are almost always adults.

Why are hobos evil?

Hobos are not evil. Hobos are people, homeless people, with all the the same good and bad traits as everyone else.

What is the correct term for a fear of hobos?

Fear of hobos is sometimes known as hobophobia.

Why are there hobos in my bathtub?

Because everyone knows that Hobos don't like taking showers

What do the hobos play?

The banjo... When hobos are in the woods they have to make up their own funny games.

Do hobos exsist?

Yes hobos do exsist. They are secret agents working for bill gates.

Why is it dangerous for girls to be hobos?

Because most hobos are men, and they do not come with character references.

Why are hobos called hobos?

because in the 1800's they were called hobo's. that is why we call them that in the present