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Mindless behavior doesnt hav a facebook they have Twitter!!

no Princeton does not hav a facebook prodigy does not hav a facebook so as ray ray but roc royal is the only one that has facebook

you have t2 bhe Mindless hav a great sense of style and if u would hav went out wit one of da boiss in Mindless Behavior u should lyke dem for who dey r dix ix Tayauna Nyiea Benton from Dothan Alabama i apretiate it thanx u p.s i hope i bhe one of da Girl Of The Week bye.

Behavior has three syllables. (be-hav-ior)

I have a crush on Jake T. Austin!! My youtube is daredevil091595!! Comment me JAke!!! ORRR if u r a guy u have a crush on......................... i have a crush on Michael Jackson .........OMG so fine i hav a crush on this guy named Jon but u don't no him...

I luv all 4 of them.They r very sweet and they can dance and they can sing on body can not take that right from them.And my name is Nesha so i am telling them hav a bless day.And pick me to be miss right.I luv u guys.

hey if you DONT wanna give him the wrong idea...then what i do cuz i hav i guy ive got a dude i hav my eyes on and it worked! you try to be friends first! i hav my crush as my bff4l and omg! c if it works 4 u!

yes ross hav a crush on bella throne if u dont belive me look on twiter and look up bella throne then look up top pictures would depend on who liked the crush the longest!! if your friend liked this person way before you did then you will hav to forget about him/her! if you liked him/her way before your friend did then that crush is yours!! truly my opinion wuld be to stay away from guys both of you friends like!! because your friend will always come before guys!!

beautiful (beau-ti-ful) barbeque (bar-be-que) behavior (be-hav-ior)

One time if she is ovulating. A few seconds is enough.

they dont hav a democracy they hav communism

it depends how many are on a team. if u have 10 players on a team, u hav 4 substitutions bcuz u hav 6 players on the court. if u hav 12 players u hav 6 subs, if u hav 15 players, u hav 9 subs, 18 players, u hav 12 subs, etc.

i hav tried everysingle website and there is no way u hav to earn it sorry but i hav 2 do the same goodluck

You need to be over 18 to hav facebook

The duration of Hav Plenty is 1.53 hours.

u hav 2 hav the sims card in order 2 hav it as an iphone

Well, first u hav to hav expierience by playing Pop Warner, Middle School, High school, and college. You also hav to hav certain skills for certain psoitions.

Hav Plenty was released on 06/19/1998.

The Production Budget for Hav Plenty was $650,000.

The population of Stueng Hav District is 13,108.

(to a girl) bcuz u hav a nice body and booty.xoxo (to a boy) bcuz u hav a nice 6 pack and hav a nice willy.xoxo

Does she hav a crush on you, that's the real question o.k-be gud friends, yada yada yada, laugh , jok, ask her to join you on activity X, mebbe a walk, tennis, whatever--- this takes the pressure off a date away--on u+her----then u may proceed to asking her 'out' best wishes -katty

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