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Tiger sharks get their energy from a variety of sources including fish turtles birds crustaceans mollusks and cetaceans (whales and dolphins). They also consume garbage and debris which often includes organic material like small mammals and reptiles. Tiger sharks are also known to feed on other sharks.

  • Fish
  • Turtles
  • Birds
  • Crustaceans
  • Mollusks
  • Cetaceans (whales and dolphins)
  • Garbage and debris
  • Small mammals and reptiles
  • Other sharks
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Q: Who does the tiger shark gets its energy?
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How do a tiger shark gets its food?

the tiger shark eats fish

How does a shark gets its energy?

A shark gets its energy by eating and digesting other marine life.

What is a tiger shark nicknamed?

The Tiger shark nickname is the garbage can of the sea.the will eat almost anything that gets thrown the sea.

Facts about a tiger shark?

Facts about the tiger shark include that it gets its name from its tiger-like stripes. They like warm waters and are vicious scavengers.

How is does a tiger get energy?

It gets energy from the food that it eats.

How big is a tiger cat shark?

An average size cat shark gets about 30-40 inches.

What do the white tiger and the tiger shark have in common?

The white tiger is a tiger, The tiger shark is a shark. the shark was named this because of its markings and its nature, it is a natrully aggressive shark

Do tiger sharks eat tigers?

No. They are only called tiger shark because of the markings they have. A tiger never gets into the ocean. If your logic followed through then a hammer shark would use or eat hammers.

What is the name of a tiger shark?

tiger that is a shark^^

Who is bigger a shark or a tiger shark?

Well a tiger shark is a shark hence the name tiger SHARK so it depends on what type of shark your talking about.

Where biomass gets it energy from?

biomass gets it's energy when something had burned or died,for example if a tiger dies the energy is from the tiger and if something has burnt like coal then the energy is inside the coal

Is the sand tiger shark the same as the the tiger shark?

No!! The tiger shark is like 7 feet larger then a sand tiger. Also, the sand tiger has way different teeth than the Tiger shark.

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